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Gems of Opportunity: Recycling Industry Concept: Landfill Strip Mining Operations

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This month's inspirational "Gems of Opportunity" entry as an angelic clairvoyant channeler will be about salvaging nearly a century worth of past recyclable content that has already been discarded across America and the world. However, before I get into all that allow me to dumpster dive (yes, a cheesy pun) :op into past years of environmental inspirational conceptual designs I've done here at "Atrayo's Oracle" blog site.

The most recent was back in June 29th, 2014 regarding the Environmental Industrial Concept: "Maritime Recycling Ships Reclaiming Human Garbage in the World Ocean Gyre's" Which basically our planet has 5 major floating garbage heaps seen from satellite above called Oceanic Hairballs. The Earth has five tidal gryes that help regulate the oceans in temperature much like the gulf stream in the Atlantic that allows the United Kingdom not to freeze up like Alaska. Whether you're one of the holdouts left on the planet that doesn't believe in climate change you can fully touch the floating hell holes humanity has discarded into the ocean like a personal sewer system. Fishery stocks have been choked to death and plummeted due to phantom discarded nylon fishing nets for example. Microplastics are ending up in our seafood which we are eating up the food chain. This is plainly Orwellian ala author "George Orwell" from the famous 1984 dystopian novel.

Another related inspirational conceptual design I did harken's back to December 8th, 2009 Gems of Opportunity: Debris Reclamation and Recycling Concept: The Maritime Recycling Wreckers About a fleet of retrofitted former oil tankers with a built-in recycling plant sailing the oceans making a beeline to natural disasters. Whenever reconstruction begins after the human drama is triaged all that wreckage has to be hauled off as in from housing and infrastructure that lays in ruins. Instead of all that ending up in an impromptu dump site that is paved over to be built upon much like San Francisco did in 1908 after fires decimated their city. Some districts were literally built over the wreckage as in ruins of the former infrastructure making that zone very dangerous come an earthquake in the future. This concept is to haul off everything that isn't nailed down to a leased fleet of construction trucks to unload recyclable content ie glass, metal, timber, rubber, electronics, etc as future manufacturing commodities.

The last inspirational conceptual design I wanted to mention I channeled with the angels was also back in April 23rd, 2009 Gems of Opportunity: Environmental Group Concept: "Landfill Combers"
This practice is very popular in 3rd world nations as a necessity by the underclass living a hand to mouth existence. However, here in developed first nations many of our landfills aren't perfect in screening out recyclable content reaching them outright. My concept versus having the underclass service them to have volunteers or those working off community service after a misdemeanor offense. To pick nearly clean plastics, metals, paper fibers, rubber latex, and any electronics that ends up in a legitimate landfill of our present era. A last line of defense for industry manufacturers to get ahold of commodities for the circular economy.

The Circular Economy:

The nearly 10-minute video above is from 2015 as a European advocacy group called the Nudge promoting the Circular Economy. Versus the current Linear Economy, we've been operating under since the advent of the original Victorian era Industrial Revolution. Which has manufactured goods for consumers and after consumers finish it, it gets dumped and buried permanently. That in the decades to come will seem like a very laughable luxury the world can ill afford to practice anymore. The circular economy puts a practical green thumb on industry making yesterday's hippies look like today's prophets for the Earth as a human civilization. 

Recycling in the United States started originally as pockets having foresight to recycle glass for later reuse. Then on a national basis rather haphazardly because of War World II the civilian population was pressed into civic service to recycle everything from clothing rags to cooking oil for the allied forces. (Side note: I did another inspirational conceptual design back on April 15th, 2014 on this very topic as a documentary film of American youth collecting scrap during the War Effort. Documentary Concept: "America's Youth During World War II As Scrap Metal Pickers" )

The first modern era recycling by any American city started in the early 1970's in Woodbury, New Jersey. Although before such a city wide adopted practice back in 1947 there was a factory for recycling materials. Source: Recycling in the United States

Historically speaking the practice of modern archaeology began a few centuries ago during the colonial times of the 1700's. Where indigenous mounds were plundered for treasure and some of these learned men devised a rudimentary system that eventually became archaeology. The reason why I bring this up in this concept is the proposed strip mining of pre-recycling era Dump Sites in America and Internationally. Has thousands of potential sites long since forgotten with recyclable content waiting to be salvaged for industry as a hopefully systematic environmental responsible manner. 

Here in my State of Florida, the early settlers of the late 19th century to early 20th century discovered Native American Indian mounds and middens. Of long since extinguished tribes that created the mounds as burial chambers or as refuse piles of sea life (ie clams, conchs, etc...) as part of their diet. These ignorant American settlers wanting to bring so-called civilization to our bug infested swamplands. Plundered these Indian mounds and middens for its content to use as road fill to help pave roadways. Source: Safety Harbor culture

My inspirational conceptual design for this month is to strip mine past pre-recycling era dumpsites in America and Internationally for material rich resources for the circular economy. Not unlike our ancestors looking for deep buried treasures as recyclable content. (ie glass, metals (including precious metals in electronics), plastics, paper fibers, clothing fibers, rubber latexes, and electronics even if it is primitive with transistor tubes.

My proposal is for a team to research potential past buried dump sites to exhume them for industrial purposes. To have an operations team assembled which can include retrained laid off coal miners in America and others in the petroleum industry for this potential Proverbial Goldmine. Internationally I would hire, train, equip and house the aforementioned underclass of the 3rd world nations that have picked garbage for generations at dumpsites. They know those sites like the back of their hands with legacy knowledge as natural fit guides. I would go as far as to create Company Towns for them not unlike what America did during the 1920's-1950's. To give these salt of the Earth disenfranchised people a pipeline into tomorrow's middle class with rights and privileges to their humanity.

While we are at it why not bring in geologists to help us figure out the best approaches to peel back layer by layer of yesterday's dumpsites. With even a team of Archaeologists depending on the dig site to record some of the uncovered artifacts for research sociological purposes. Of course, an occasional crime scene may be exhumed accidentally as part of an unlawful murder site. Which can temporarily halt operations in that zone until a police forensics teams clear's the scene completely. There is also the hazard for uncovering a toxic illegal dumpsite in a pocket for such a forgotten landfill. That will also stop operations temporarily depending on the severity of what is uncovered to be carted off for responsible environmental quality control clean up measures.

A few years ago in Feb. 2011 I recalled a Greek tragedy on the Andros island of an overflowing unstable landfill that flopped literally into the Aegean sea. Source: Garbage floats off Greek island as landfill collapses Greece much like some Western let alone Eastern European nations don't practice nationally recycling even to this day and age. That's why I mentioned there are potentially thousands of yesterday's dumpsites to be plundered for recyclable content in a responsible manner. Perhaps if ever pursued in Greece it would triage an impossible dilemma to avoid a future unmitigated environmental manmade disaster.

Now after the last drop of recycling treasure can be seized all the legitimate trash is reburied soundly like the graphic above stipulates. Where over the years green methane natural gas can be generated and siphoned off since some of yesterdays dumpsites are leeching these methane gasses like a powder keg waiting to go off ala dynamite. So keep any smokers away when peeling back their layers as a strip mining operation of such forgotten landfills of the pre-recycling period.

Who would have attributed a green thumb to strip miners reclaiming these industrial manufacturing treasures for the world. Only the circular economy can give new life to the older fossil fuel work force in coal and petroleum since their techniques will be capitalized upon aggressively in the decades to come before our very eyes. It's only a matter of when in my opinion that others draw the same parallels I'm connecting the dots for you all here as readers and power brokers of tomorrow. To remake the world we can not discard the old world so easily like archaeologists and geologists would say it's all about stratification layer by layer to be uncovered purposely. In this inspirational channeled conceptual design, it is both literally and figuratively to consider for our present and our combined future prosperity holistically.

Ivan "Atrayo" Pozo-Illas, has devoted 21 years of his life to the pursuit of clairvoyant automatic writing channeling the Angelic host. Ivan is the author of the spiritual wisdom series of "Jewels of Truth" consisting of 3 volumes published to date. He also channels inspired conceptual designs that are multi-faceted for the next society to come that are solutions based as a form of dharmic service. Numerous examples of his work are available at "Atrayo's Oracle" blog site of 11 years plus online. Your welcome to visit his website "" for further information or to contact Atrayo directly. 

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