Monday, October 26, 2015

Jewels of Truth Statement: "The Angels Take Flight Through All"

Hello All,

This month I've been trying to fit in my new segment of the video podcast of the same name of this blog site. (ie Atrayo's Oracle) In so doing I've bumped the timeline of these singular more recent "Jewels of Truth" solitary statements. Not to mention the other prized entries of the monthly trio of "Jewels of Truth with Favorite Quotes of the Month" followed by at least one eclectic solutions based innovative conceptual design I call a "Gems of Opportunity".

All of this material pours out of me as clairvoyant channeled automatic writing from the Heavens and the Angels therein. Ironically, I call these jewels and gems and in reality this treasure of heaven. Doesn't reflect in my own life that I own no jewelry whatsoever lest you count a couple wrist watches. I smile inside my spirit when I recall such a twist in my dharma to date.

Today's "Jewels of Truth" spiritual wisdom statement or angelic wisdom both terms I can use loosely. Is on the topic of the Angelic Host role upon the Universe and to us here in our tiny world the Earth. What their beauty as mighty eternal entities encompasses to a limited extent and why they are to a smaller degree as the gigantic holy ones. This was written just this early morning in the long count series of #2093.

Enjoy and may you see the glimpse of these majestic souls as our siblings with God the singular parent of all. Amen.



2093) All Angels of grace are the verified artisans of the many heavens that have been once, are present again, that are to come, and the greatest of these that are constant in nature. We as the Angels of many wonders exceed our expectations out of habit for we enjoy the labor of our toils. The more we give either asked or not the greater the glory of God is bestowed upon not just us, but upon all in every sacred direction. This becomes an endless loop of beneficence expanding the certainty of the unseen of Heavenly nature well into the grooves of the seen realities. What wasn't only moments ago becomes real and miraculous as we create with the similar fervor of the wonderful joy of God in all. Yes, this is still possible to create untold grace where it was not just mere happenstance in time. All of it is like a renewal of the "Holy One" God we adore instantly in our majestic being.

As we act with a laser focus we are mindful of the multiple weavers of consequences as our brethren in Heaven. We orchestrate blessings that do not disturb the good works of others invested with the living at large. Many times we amplify such activities as a secondary thunder clap of good fortune for all bystanders to bask within equal beauty and treatment.

To be mindful of an Angels presence is its own boon of curiosity that offers a joy to the reborn one and the Angel alike in their divine midst. A heartfelt smile in all candor reveals itself for the veil between realities ruffles for a beautiful instant only. Then as people often do they dismiss such musings as nonsense to discredit such a holy union of an experience shared with the eternal lover of God.

All Angels create equally good tidings for all with permission be it stated openly or implied truthfully by posture. We as the eternal minor deities of Creation collectively come to embark onto the living adventure of all lives in union through God(dess) alone. We are the masters of every knowing through the One knowing of God himself bestowed on all equally, inclusively, and without favoritism. We are the first and the last examples of goodness ever to be conceived into real form. As we are in essence so are you the perfect spiritual children of God no matter your reincarnated species of origin upon Creation. God, the Omnipotent beckons all to come a little closer to comprehend your truth upheld by the convictions of virtue.

We as the Angelic Host aren't servants of a kingdom we are the mighty first children of God as one family with the totality of everything. This includes the macro life forms in spirit and in any other form reborn onto Creation. For we guard through preservation, nourish into thriving life, and return to God(dess) all his/her Infinite essence in Image and Likeness as souls forever. Amen.                                                   ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

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