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Jewels of Truth Statement: "We're One of All"

Hello Everyone,

For those here in the States I hope you've enjoyed your 4th of July Independence Day which this is the 239th such Holiday for us Americans. Now in a week or so on July 14th for the French it will be "Bastille Day". Which is also their splendid day of Independence to be celebrated. I mention the French since historically if they hadn't intervened to help our colonial forefathers we'd still be part of the English commonwealth. Now that isn't so bad, but in colonial times with "King George III" a real pain in the arse.

Today's "Jewels of Truth" spiritual wisdom statement is more so metaphysical if not mystical in nature. Everyone of these jewels from heaven I channel via automatic writing as a technique if you're a first time reader. I'm an Angelic Oracle in the traditional sense and in writing this discourse for over 20 years now. I've been transformed from within my spirit as a Sage having recently celebrated writing my 2000th statement a few days ago.

The topic for today is on the Eternal Soul meaning not just our temporal human incarnation right now. By Eternal Soul I mean the aspect of us that is timeless in God's Image and Likeness. I call the Eternal Soul as the Over Soul for a particular reason. It's the chief aspect of our core spiritual being that co-exists with God(dess) outside time and space. I have a pet peeve when "New Agers" as a spiritual tradition depict reincarnation in relation to only past lives. Our soulful eternal reincarnation includes the past, but also the present concurrent era of us right now, and certainly into the distant future. Reincarnation is the past, present, and future for the most part for our eternal souls. There are other incarnations that rest outside of time as a dimension, but for this discussion this is too complicated to explain right now.

So consider this a simple primer when you use the word Eternal Soul in your own spiritual discourse. May it certainly expand your horizons on what is capable for our Oneness only through the Creator. That is a living metaphysical network of our combined Highest Self as a backdrop to Creation. Whether you accept, struggle, or deny what your reading here at "Atrayo's Oracle". At least you'll have some exposure to the power of God in our very united Souls in the Almighty Creator's perfect essence. Amen.



Eternal Soul:

1992) Every person as a unique entity has an Eternal Soul. However that aspect of yourself is simultaneously shared with the total sum of every reincarnation you will ever have in Creation as a macro whole. What this means is that your present timeline is networked into your core essence of your Highest Divine Self or otherwise known as the Over Soul. The Over Soul is like the core eternal version of yourself beyond the flesh of your human body. Well into every assorted reincarnated version of yourself resting outside time and space as meta dimensions. You are one incarnation right here and now on Earth. Or so you think you are, but there may be parallel versions or twin souls incarnated from your Over Soul in your present era as well beyond this singular Earth. Literally you have an extended family of incarnations within eternity and infinity of yourself in the past, present, and distant future. To further complicate this esoteric phenomena not all of these lifetimes are of human or Earth based origin. You may have incarnations on other worlds as sentient life forms like humans. Still you may have simpler incarnations as lowly creatures be it something like: animals, fish, insects, and plant life. Further out you may have a long lived lifetime as part of the five elements of the: air, liquid, fire, earth, and plasma.

Consider all of this to be the expression of your Highest Divine Eternal Self. To be your truest spiritual version of you in God's living perfection. You are now a mortal temporal short lived animal called a human being. Consider this one lifetime to be a Star in a Galaxy of Stars. Of every plural reincarnation you will ever conceive of through your Eternal Soul. To make this further remarkable your Eternal Soul has never left the right side of God in Heaven. All souls are multi-dimensional or omnipresent through the singular Glory of God as an eternal celestial network of potentiality. What this means is that your human reincarnation is an extension or transformation into temporal limited life span of a body with flesh. Your soul can be in more than one place at a time and so your spirit is in your human body. And, your meta core Over Soul resides with God(dess) in Heaven if you have benevolence in life. If you are the dark child of the evil spawn than your soul resides simultaneously in hell with your version of the Creator as well.

We are all divine siblings through God. The power of God's soul or the "Holy Spirit" is immaculate and perfect. As entity souls we merely piggy back onto such a wave length or ethereal truth metaphysically. Our soul is more than meets the eye of curved perception of a human being. To truly know your spiritual inheritance in God. Is to remember we are the children of God as the angelic minor deities reborn within Creation. Through every iota of a parallel eternity on a gigantic continuum of a macro united basis. Amen.
                                                                                     ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo

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