Sunday, July 19, 2015

Jewels of Truth Statement: "Let There Be Light, Is Always Now!"

Hello All,

Half of this year has come and gone by already with the season of Summer at its near zenith. As the mythological gods of the Sun be it Helios for ancient Greece or Apollo for the ancient Romans. Would attest that a spirit filled with clarity illumines what would otherwise not be seen. So it is with my Angelic Oracle within that I channel via automatic writing as a technique of clairvoyance.

Today's topic is on the Holy Light numbered in the series at #2007. It discusses how when God declared "Let There Be Light..." (Genesis 1:3). That moment to us as humans seems historical at the birth of Creation. What if, metaphysically that moment is eternal in a constant feedback loop happening every moment we call the present "Now". Akin to a dynamo power plant as the infrastructure to Creation keeping the "Lights On". (pardon the pun)

To a greater extent we as living souls in God's perfect Image and Likeness spiritually and not in the flesh. We are the Light of Creation come alive much like every Star in every Galaxy in every Universe that exists. We are the breath of God come alive in other words. And so it is again and again "Let There Be Light!"


Holy Light:

2007) All of time linear or nonlinear in scope as a living eternity is a farce to the Creator, God. For God is the chief arbitrator of change and the unmovable truth in its finest expression. The Creator is endless for without a beginning or an end. Means God(dess) is the "Great Constant" as the ever present "Now" moment. This creates an eternal nonlinear "Now" moment as a constant feedback loop unto every reality in a circular motion.

We as incarnated life and eventual death of the flesh are the energetic particles within the totality of Creation. Recall in the "Book of Genesis" Chapter One Verse Three and I quote; "And God said, Let There Be Light: and there was light." Right now in an eternal nonlinear fashioned phenomena of time. That identical utterance of the Immaculate Almighty God is in a Constant feedback loop of supreme grandeur. We as the collective of created souls in God's perfect Image and Likeness. Are experiencing that endless moment together in tandem Right Now! All of divine Creation is encapsulated in that stasis field or one Holy Instant of the First Light that became the meta us in the Holy Spirit. We collectively are that "Light of God(dess)" come alive in a unified whole everlasting absolute continuum. Hallelujah!                                                                ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

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