Sunday, December 21, 2014

Jewels of Truth Statement: "Perfection Is Purely Spiritual And Excellence Is For Mortals Alone"

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I'm squeezing in my end of the year blog posts to sync up with my monthly routine for my readers here at "Atrayo's Oracle". Typically two "Jewels of Truth" statements from my recent material and the trio of my older works. With at least one monthly "Gem of Opportunity" of an innovative conceptual design offered up as a solution for society as a whole. That's the format I've been trying to follow for the last year or so here on this blog site. Cross-posting my material here at Google's Blogger to my other incarnations of "Atrayo's Oracle". Be it Tumblr, Beliefnet, Temple Illuminatus, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and sometimes Linkedin. I try to cultivate a readership within various sources of social media on the cheap. Thankfully its worked for my web analytic tool highlights readers Internationally. The hits may be modest in the low thousands, however I'm grateful for every sincere set of eyeballs. No matter if this is your first time here or if your a regular reader across any of my several venues.

Tonight's "Jewels of Truth" statement is on the topic of Perfection. Which is very apropos due to the holiday craze at least here in some Western and certain Asian Eastern societies. Do remember chasing for perfection for people is a fallacy, much like a dog chasing its tail. Better yet pursue a sincere moderated action of excellence instead. You'll remain closer to sanity and hopefully avoiding the pitfalls of the ego to jump off the cliff's of despair. Enjoy your holidays no matter your religious faith with yourself and your Creator first. Followed rightfully so by your dear family and friends in this life. As the Lady "Suze Orman" likes to state; "People First, then Things and then Money".

Happy Holidays.



1885) All perfection begins within from the spiritual vantage point alone. For all Earthly matters are prone to errors of all varieties and scales of wrong doing. Only excellence can be achieved amongst mortal people in every endeavor as an outlet for a truthful success. Perfection is a spiritual power as a self-directed motion afforded to all from the "Spirit of God" alone. To be perfect one must be pure of heart and of mind in solidarity with the divine in every manifestation. Short of this perfection becomes an ideal to reach for although falling short each time.

Life may seem ruled by chaos when observing worldly events. Yet within all sets of dynamics there is a paradox of order at work. Every system from the minuscule to the gigantic observes such a tenacity as a sublime truth. To proclaim only chaos as the only reality is to only speak a half-truth in conjecture. Every witness can only find perfection in the meta whole watching from a comfortable distance. Up close we miss the whole movement and begin to make unconscious assumptions in isolation of the required parts in motion. We miss the entire scale of the order of being often paying only heed to a narrow spectrum of the selective truth we adhere to overall.

Judging a thing a flaw when indeed it is excellent is more an error of discernment. When one sabotages the efficiency of the whole mechanism in play. Be mindful of the varied consequences when living your lives in conjunction with others. This will forestall the good you seek and of your neighbors goodness as well. Still do take actions when it is warranted for inaction is the death of many in spirit. Be not afraid to move out of instinct or out of choice when you will surely benefit from such a course of action. Otherwise you may very well become the walking dead as mindless or worse heartless people. Just so you can get by life without any trouble at all. This spells ruin in more ways than I can say of the human condition and of the living soul. Perfection is pure Spirit and excellence is purely secular in nature. Amen. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

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