Monday, December 15, 2014

Jewels of Truth Statement: "A Heaven Like No Other"

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This month I seem to be hesitant in keeping up to date this blog site with my original spiritual works. Perhaps the bah humbug spirit has struck me, however since I'm not the type of person to put up a Christmas tree, at least not since my youth. Many of the holiday festivities seem to pass me by when at home. Nonetheless I always make it a habit to give thanks in both the small and the greater occurrences in my life. Irrespective of a formalized religious traditions I keep God with all my mind, heart, and most of my actions.

Aside from this Holiday Season no matter the particular faith being celebrated. We are each stewards of the divine that we carry in our very souls. A divinity that has no bounds and overlaps into every sincere expression of our lives. One that binds us up together with God and whichever holy figure you choose to worship. Be it Savior, Saint, or Prophet all are welcome to be reflected upon equally in a deepening sense of a dear fulfillment of the spirit.

Today's "Jewels of Truth" spiritual wisdom statement was written earlier this month. Standing at #1882 in the series on the topic of Heaven. How my Angels within describe the paradise of the soul as I describe their views. Enjoy.



1882) The afterlife no matter your religious persuasion in the world is a unique realm of immense glory filled possibilities. Not so much of the sheer amazing vista's perceived by every soul in heaven to be encountered. The array of heavenly lights as breathtaking as it is puts to shame all the combined art that has ever been created. No matter if it has been fashioned by every form of intelligent species within Creation itself. This splendor is natural beyond every contraption conceived and placed into any given form by the children of the cosmos.

Many have depicted heaven as a place of many mansions each as its own wondrous resort in practice. This is yet still a crude interpretation of such a pristine celestial paradise. Instead picture a natural fauna of a living rainforest within a shaded canopy of a bio-diversity of living souls each with their own habitat. An Eden like no other where everyone flourishes together in a united harmony in witness to God's inner beauty. Every scenery is alive not with make believe Imagined surroundings, but in a living self-aware purpose that is magnificent. This intelligence becomes a living life breathing aura in a meta sense we call God(dess). This celestial light is molded to our every whim as souls within heaven. Like a clay made of ethereal stuff ushered forth by our willful thoughts in themselves or in concert with the combined thoughts of many.

God, plays with us his children in heaven like any parent would with a toddler child. The play is both instructive and totally entertaining beyond any theme park could ever provide. Like children with over glazed eyes in amazement we listen as God speaks in melodic tones absorbed into our hearty souls. We are almost as in a magical trance of the senses where our questions come not at the end of his discourses, but all throughout. Such is the timeless nature of heaven allowing answers to all questions to come instantaneously. Akin to a telepathic neural connection in a commune like pupils arena.

Newly arrived souls from Creation be it in the physical universe or elsewhere of such semi-lucent beings. Receive a nurturing orientation to recall themselves fully before total immersion in the drunk tank of (im)mortal life. Once such an assimilation is complete often referred to as the "Hour of Judgment" by the multitude of mortal faiths. This serves the purpose of gleaning an infinite constructive impact by a compassionate truth for the betterment of every entity in heaven. For those unfortunate to descend into hell see this very same practice as a raping to be tortured by the denizens of such a perdition. Twisting the truth into a warped abomination to heckle and punish its recent inhabitants. However in Heaven all is meant for enlightenment so as to understand from all perspectives. For every life you've directly or indirectly have touched as a person not to sit in judgment of you but to set you free by grace. Your soul always continues to live spiritually to what it had done prior to your mortal incarnation. Regarding your eternal interests and joys as angelic like beings by every pursuit Imaginable. Amen.                                           ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

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