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Jewels of Truth Statement: "We Are The Souls Of Yesterday, Born Today"

Hello All,

May every being be enjoying "All Souls Day" a Christian holiday in origin, but not limited just to Christians. For every being is a soul in God's Image and Likeness in spiritual form. As the embodiment of the "Holy Spirit" come alive in the flesh of humanity. Albeit the "Holy Spirit" does not restrict itself to humanity alone, but to every creature found therein the Earth and in the stars. So as to celebrate today as "All Souls Day" is to celebrate the ancestors becoming alive through God. Alive not merely in remembrance of our precious shared memories of dearly departed loved ones. But, to remember all souls as our mutual family of a macro of cherished memories become real through us. A simple prayer of gratitude for our elders come around in spirit to be enjoyed once more. For others further devout to the ancestors it is a tradition worth recalling in all that is precious. To remember the good in spite of the bad of mortal living. The rest we surrender to God to be forgotten and to be forgotten for good. Amen.

Today's "Jewels of Truth" statement is on the topic of Reincarnation numbered in the sequence of spiritual wisdom at #1852. Written just a few hours ago via inspiration through the technique of automatic writing as an intuitive. Although the statement takes us beyond reincarnation to remember why we came to this reality as eternal godly souls. Remember this clearly all the souls of God as his living children aren't paupers or peons metaphysically. We are in a macro sense gods and goddesses for the Absolute Alpha and Omega only creates deities in Spirit and nothing else. All the rest we see as Creation itself is the handiwork of all the souls as angelic in nature. Pristine as the first light known as God(dess). Amen.



1852) We as mortals or in other words a human being seemingly having a spiritual experience is amiss. Our divine nature as an embodied truth is always as spiritual beings having a human mortal experience as us. We can take the original statement above and invert it by explaining a sublime truth of reality by faith. In the absolute truth as God is the constant witness both statements above are simultaneously true and false in relativity.

Are you confused? Please, forgive me child for we in the "Holy Spirit" of God exist in a spiritual dimension where totality is experienced as "Both And". Not as "Either Or", meaning everything is true and false at the very same time metaphysically. It is truly disconcerting to the novice and very comforting as a second nature to the adept. Be they layman or mystic, as sage or fool to the ways of the eternal and the infinite.

We are the reincarnated souls as living spiritual beings in every reality be it mortal or as immortal. As Human beings only make up a finite subset of your physical cosmos. Chic as a boutique Creation, but not unheard of in other parts of the known universe. As spiritual entities we are all unformed essence by every comprehension immaculate without flaw. What this means is that God as the chief Creator only makes deities in his own Image and Likeness in spirit itself. It is up to his heirs to make all the rest as Creation itself like children in a sandbox enjoying a playpen. Reincarnation isn't just to learn our ABC's as eternal souls, but to create like God creates as far and wide as we please collectively. As mundane and extraordinary as imagined possible in heaven and within hell. No one is exempt from creating like God creates in essence and in substance to last forever.

We are the kings and the queens of the heavens and the hells. We are the gods and goddesses of yore as yourselves become flesh not as parasites, but as beauty itself in your own reincarnated substance. We are you and you are us. Meaning every creature from the microbe to the great "Himalayas" has a soul. In order to create like God we who are the minor deities must become Less Than through reincarnation. Akin to test our creations so they stand the test of the moment, and if it indeed does, it is deployed out unto eternity and infinity. We are the artists and the engineers of heaven and hell as the absolute become self realized as souls and mortals. Whenever you witness an insect crawling along the floor. Take heed that is a minor god in the "Holy Spirit" testing out his latest creation out of a masters curiosity. Strike it down as a mortal and generate a mortals karma. However let it be and receive grace from God himself instantly as true love. No one is left out from understanding that has the choice to remember the divine. Namaste, dear ones for we are the reincarnated ancients souls of yesterday come back today and tomorrow forever and ever. Amen. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

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