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Jewels of Truth Statement: "Dare To Dream To Be The Greatest Creators"

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I'm guilty of being a Dreamer myself although any designer of anything must be worth their salt using the faculty of Imagination. Although imagination in exclusion of everything else is a recipe for disaster. Using imagination one must filter self-awareness into a funnel of possibilities. In order to grow potentialities in the practical world to find a new lease on life. Meaning everything is a launch pad that can inspire a mind filled with idle wishes. These idle wishes become the kindling to cause a spark to turn into a roaring fire that only a designer or creator can bring to life. Integrity and teamwork with other cross disciplines will build character to make ideas real to the touch. Otherwise grand ideas and noble intentions go nowhere or worse are ignored as viable alternatives to solutions.

Today's "Jewels of Truth" spiritual wisdom statement is on the topic of Dreamers. Numbered #1808 in the series and written back in late September of this year. It's meant for all the dreamers in the world to dream deeply, but to keep your lives real in the world. Allowing your spirits to reach the heavens but your humanity to stay vibrant in the world. Denial can be a costly mistake when such ignorance hurts or causes harm elsewhere to others.

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1808) All dreamers are truly creators like God himself whom resides in heaven with their collective dreams. For they have bound them on the Earth for all time and so heaven remembers on their collective behalf. So all you day dream believers be mindful how you dare to dream bold visions of immense grandeur. For the Angels as your brothers and sisters in the "Holy Spirit" will take heed of your prowess to create wonders of all meaningful magnitudes.

Listen deeply fellow dreamers to experience the paradox of your best dreams as yourself. Live by a modest creed in a truth that isn't boastful, but actually humble of your strength to create wonders. Do keep your feet on the ground in this shared common world. However dream like the giants you are in God's spirit as far as you can envision by the faculty of your imagination. Temper this contradiction carefully of which I speak of with a benevolent faith in goodness. Wherever it appears around you especially from the most unlikely of places. Even if it appears boring as inane for what looks mundane may be the secret to your success. Only by the "Holy Spirit" can an ordinary observation trigger an "A Ha!" sensation to awaken the divine within us. With a simplicity so delightful that it is called genius by all others awe struck at ones acumen to see the world at large differently.

Make your foolish mistakes for this is how you learn from error. Do not ever be defeated by your mistakes or give up before you have fully started. This erodes more than that potential notion it weakens one's character to the point of apathy if left unchecked. Shrug it off, just confess your dreams and your heartaches to your guardian Angels in spirit. For they are your strongest confidants that will always have your back and never abandon you when you are in true need. Invite them into the process of your Imagination for this creates a personal relationship with the divine.

Lastly do not go overboard in your keen tendencies try to be calm and thorough with a sincere attitude of cooperation. All good things arrive for those that have the backbone to see them through to completion. Even if the results are different then as intended it will still teach you wonder through character if you keep an open mind and heart. Express all things in moderation especially keeping your egos at bay for no one respects a tyrant or a diva in principal. Be curious of everything but not to the point that you forget about your loved ones for this hurts your relationships that matter. Make a difference but doing so at the expense of others is a bastards short cut to a temporary success. Take the time as it is required and no more for that would invite complacency and procrastination.  Always seek an unconditional love within your inner truth as you find it in the world. Never seek another persons approval or acceptance for permission to be who you truly are in spirit. By these truths will you find your promise to create isn't just a privilege, but a divine right ordained by God for every living soul. Amen. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

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