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Jewels of Truth Statements & Favorite Quotes of the Month

Hello All,

Tis' the season of remembrance of recalling what is important in our personal lives. Not to forget our loved ones be they blood relatives or friends that live in our hearts like family. It was only three months ago we cherished our lives during the festive holidays of the end of the year. Today allow me to remind all of you what is dearest to everyone of you. In order to offer a sincere affection and to become open in spirit to receive the kindness of others be they known or strangers to you personally.

Today's trio of "Jewels of Truth" spiritual wisdom statements are on the topics of Caution, Lies, and Receiving. In the series of #1033-1035 written originally in the middle of the month of May 2010. With wisdom comes a much needed faculty of discernment and thus two of this month's statements. Ask you the reader to respect caution and to avoid lies in order to receive a greater good from life itself.

May you find clarity of thought and reason in the following statements. Thank you for your readership here at "Atrayo's Oracle".



1033) There are once great evils that have been forgotten throughout the ages. Often times it is best to leave them buried if it were to cause a greater turmoil in the present era. Since such a great evil would be nearly impossible to reconcile with the people of the day at large. Where no peace will ever be found even after attempting to heal and forgive the total harm that has been caused. Only in ignorance is truly bliss found for the righteous people of the land.

However for lesser evils yet still committed by an individual or a group. Whether it is by ideological or nationalistic fervor it shall always need the antiseptic of the Light of day of public awareness. Lest history repeats itself once more with another set of horrors that could have been averted with a proper dose of foresight. Sometimes when a buried evil is brought to the light of common awareness. It shall have the effect of a mixed blessing of releasing a burden that has long been carried alone for far too long. For such an occurrence then patience, compassionate understanding, and due diligence are the factors to make amends in reality. Be it when permission is granted to correct such a mistake or crime in reversing the harm by the damage that has been inflicted to the victims. If the correction can't be offered due to the restraints of time or circumstance than move onward with dignity in your hearts. With ample measures of forgiveness applied not to forget the lesson forced upon you. But to release the moral anguish and painful burdens that must be surrendered for the sake of your own sanity in healing. Go on your way to teach others the evils that have been committed unto you for those willing to listen. Counsel them with compassion and wisdom not to fall prey to such ill minded persons in their future.

When a great good has in turn been forgotten by the ages of yore. It is always a blessing to share such good news with the people of the day. As a form of kinship in giving life to the ancestors by their own righteous actions of a bygone era of humanity. Where one will aid in giving their souls peace with a renewed sense of immortality for a while longer in Creation. Amen. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.


1034)  The only person that Lies have a power to dominant others is by the faculty of belief by those who are deceived. Lies by the extent of scale from the minor to the greatest are false instruments used to manipulate a person or an audience at large. Be wary of soothsayers that seek only to trick you with poor counsel benefiting their agenda alone. Feeding you garbage of half-truths that will only sabotage your good from your life in the end. Deception and paranoia are the tools of the wicked in order to herd the innocent into places they would otherwise avoid through common sense. The empowered sense of charisma of a liar will only lead them to a place of shallow self-worth. The illusions brought forward by the lies uttered become heavier with each layer of wrong doing applied.

Seek always the truth as far as you are willing and able to accept it in your own lives. All manner of lies will only lead you ultimately no-where if used profusely or into worse predicaments. Being true to oneself no matter the opinion of others will be your own personal salvation. Manipulation or exploitation by loved ones is a far worse pain than if committed by strangers. Stand upright in your heart allowing you the courage to step into the great unknown. The journey of life is gradual, but the sojourn back to God is instantaneous by surrendering your ego to pursue the "Will of God" instead. There may the light of truth always be your guiding star within this life and in the next. Amen.
                                                                                                 ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.


1035)  For those spiritually inclined by any sort of particular faith or tradition of a religious standard. There is always a gift from God that must always be developed as a natural inborn talent within our very souls. This is a purposeful opening of our hearts and minds to receive the "Good News" and graces of God as a whole. God(dess) showers all of life be it mortal or immortal beings with an immaculate unending Love equally with no favoritism at all.

In such a manner we are indebted to all the rightful heirs of the "Kingdom of God" as our divine family in spirit. To further expand this infinite bounty of good to all who would be receptive to receive it in kind. Where as we practice our faiths no matter if foreign to our spiritual brothers or sisters. We allow the very "Spirit of God" by any name we worship him to pour forth from our beings like a cascade of grace. As it is our very choice each time to walk in the light of our Lord Christ, Buddha, or Vishnu. We are granted the power to declare in earnest the goodwill that is native to all life. Irrespective of the scale of any creatures capacity to live by their own truth and beauty. Often these blessings from God go unrecognized until we journey inward. In order to realize the majestic presence of the sublime all around us on a daily basis. This our "Highest Good" is actually native to our souls in the Image and Likeness of our Creator.

Not until we pursue our life long calling in truth can we begin to fathom the scope that the divine has invested personally into our combined lives. Where as we each adopt the "Will of God" during the course of our mortal lifetimes. We get to share in the glory of God infinitely so without worry or fear of any kind. Be happy, but fully engaged in a responsible manner to live from a place of sincere Love so that your good flows everywhere. In service to yourself, family, friends, strangers, and the greater world at large in compassion. Amen. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.


Create in me a clean heart, O God, and put in a new and right spirit within me.
                                                                                                                     ---Psalm 51:10

Love wisdom, and she will guard you; cherish her, and she will lift you high; if only you embrace her, she will bring you honor. She will set a garland of grace on your head and bestow on you a crown of glory. ---Proverbs 4:6-9

Your journey has molded you for your greater good, and it was exactly what it needed to be. Don't think that you've lost time. ---Asha Tyson.

Within your heart, keep one still secret spot where dreams may go. ---Louise Drescoll.

The world is holy. We are holy . All life is holy. Daily prayers are delivered on the lips of breaking waves, the whispering of grasses, the shimmering of leaves. ---Terry Tempest Williams. "Talking to God: Portrait of a World at Prayer" (Anthology)

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