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Jewels of Truth Statement: "The Journey of Self Is Only Within"

Hello All,

It seems at least here in America the last shutters of a technical Winter season is blowing harder than ever. It is the last few mighty breaths of "Old Man Winter" before he heaves over and hibernates for another season to come later this year. The season of Spring is being awoken by the fairies tickling her nose to wake up. Here's hoping Lady Spring sneezes awakening her to an eventual full bloom.

To my brothers and sisters in the Ukraine that happen to enjoy my blog site here as devoted readers. My heart tears for both groups be you Nationalistic Ukraine's or Ethnic Russians. One yearns to remain whole the other wants to return to the arms of the motherland. A hard choice is forced upon all. May only peace be the outcome in respect to each others noble pride. My soul awaits for the "Hand of God" in these problematic confrontations of my brothers and sisters in Spirit. Amen.

Today's "Jewels of Truth" statement is on the topic of "Self-Worth" in particular interest to the hearts and minds of every living being. No matter the scale from a mere person up to an entire nation at its own beating heart. This spiritual wisdom statement was first written in early February of this year in the series of #1658.

So please enjoy and may it reflect what is deep in essence in each of us. Amen.


1658) All things come with expectations whether stated or implied openly. Not all people realize in the depth of their own being the needs required to justify what they must do. They live mindlessly etching out an existence in order to survive. In being like this they fall into the deepest trap of all which is a defeatist attitude fracturing their self-worth. Robbed of the divine spark for an abundant life they suffer and cause others pain by being ignorant of what they have unleashed upon all. Only a willful stance can return one back to the center and God welcomes this so with his everlasting love for you. The gift of an abundant life in all things promotes wellness and compassion for self to literally live by the "Golden Rule". Which is do unto others as you would seek them to do unto you.

We all suffer at each others angst when our views of life are pessimistic. In pursuing your eternal calling as a beloved "Child of God" you find yourselves whole and complete. For the presence of God becomes self-aware in you wonderfully so. You begin to replace the human animalistic quandary of this world for one of the spiritually divine in all things. Revealing your better selves for the journey of a thousand lives becomes one in a united strength filled with the grace of God alone. You'll begin to find meaning of who you truly are as both a remarkable person and a blessed soul with all of life. As your attitude matures you transcend the world of petty differences into the realm of significant depth of personal character. You'll succumb less to in-fighting with your ego and with others for the lie of scarcity. For what one lacks can easily be replaced with the creation of something else that is much better in truth. Thus the spiritual loaves of the soul multiples all around you unexpected in common hours. To describe what it truly is to openly receive the "Kingdom of God" in your lives.

Do not pinch your greatest promise by claiming only that your highest good can arrive strictly by external factors alone. That will set you up for prolonging the realization of the very fiber of your inner calling. Being one in spirit with the essence of the well tailored life you seek must meet with the surrender of your petty ego. Acknowledge your humility in all things and just live with delight from there on out. Finding wonder in the smallest to greatest experiences that only you can alone experience.

Never ever place yourself in a spot of weakness just to glorify the ego of another man, woman, or child. Seeking the approval or acceptance of another person in life diminishes your own glory in the "Holy Spirit" of life itself. Be they a relative, friend, or stranger no one can truly fulfill the yearning of your mind and heart which seeks for such an affection. Only God(dess) can fulfill such a Divine role in your eternal life as a soul and a human being. It is fine to love and be loved by others, but this places no demands for such a love to be expressed. Any love that seeks restrictions for such tenderness isn't worth keeping for it will turn on you sooner rather than later in life. All love can be both conditional and unconditional learn the difference for this will set you free with all the implied liberty of heaven itself in the Divine Spirit. The "Will of God" seeks your happiness in the appropriate manner for the best of all souls. Do not injure your psyche by permitting others to trample upon your dignity. By seeking their permission when it is yours alone to grant through the Infinite Love of God within your spiritual being.

We are all independent souls in the collective we call God(dess). Find your bliss in order to honor the Absolute. This will unleash all manner of divine phenomena in your combined lives. The shedding of your former selves into your born again spiritual self will illuminate the path for others by your blessed example. Live with passion for the beauty in all things, creatures, and especially people. Condemn no one, not even the devils of the world. For to cast lots of judgments against them only belittles your ultimate divinity in yourself as God is our vigilant witness. Amen. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

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