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Jewels of Truth Statement: "The Wonders Beyond Prayer That Are Unto God Himself"

Hello All,

I hope your New Year celebrations were festive and delightful enjoyed with friends, family, and strangers alike. As we enter this new year don't persecute yourselves with your "New Year's Resolution". Especially if it was very unrealistic for you to accomplish in all sincerity. Saying this does not denote abandoning those resolutions that you promised to yourselves that have merit as well. My New Years Resolution is always the same year in and year out so as to keep it simple. It is "To do the best I can and be very well for it", no fuss no muss. It's self-explanatory with no pressure to strive for my best and to execute it well with residual rewards along the way.

Today's "Jewels of Truth" spiritual wisdom statement is on the topic of "Metaphysics". Numbered in the series at #1630 for those keeping count written this past mid-December. This statement seems to skim across several topics such as: prayer, our divinity, heaven, and God as a whole. So I chose the general category of Metaphysics instead since it covers this gamut very well.

Please enjoy the material even though you may disagree with aspects of it. Nonetheless it will stretch the horizons of your minds in asking "What If"? As always these spiritual wisdom statements I write with Inspiration using Automatic Writing as a technique.



1630)  All prayer is an intimate act between oneself and the Creator God. No matter if one prays in a group or by oneself alone. The intent is to utilize the Divine system or "Holy Laws" for the abiding good to prevail in all things.

When we pray for another person and when we pray to our ancestors be they a particular loved one or strangers to us in this one life. We are utilizing an Ancient timeless system that maintains no borders. For it is everywhere simultaneously as we deem such a presence as the "Holy Spirit" of God. God's, own persona made into a manifest essence beyond that of any physical limitations. So when we pray we assume a union with such a holy presence that is eternal and Infinite in nature. We consciously flip a switch of our own divinity to come first as to subordinate our mortal self.

What this reveals is all sorts of wonders deemed as prior impossible or fictitious to humanity itself. This becomes a voided after thought by means of an atonement that neutralizes such restrictions of any physical world. Miracles, Blessings, Omens, and so forth are native and become common occurrences for the "Holy Spirit" to accomplish. Under the guise of our divine selves as living spiritual entities. We are not bound to petty whims of the humanistic frail ego. An awakening no matter how brief binds us all into a sublime "Oneness".

All things are always happening within the eternal "Now". This "Now Moment" is a constant Eternal dimension transfixed as a solitary point unto itself. Many call such a place Heaven, but heaven is also known to the Angels as God(dess) the Creator. There is one truth and the countless Infinite illusions that follow as a continual window dressing over the hidden truth. God, is a constant reality unto himself. Everything else is an illusion guided by his "Holy Will" so as to live through his creations. And, for his creations to live through God in a symbiotic fashion.

We utilize the essence of God when we pray, meditate, or contemplate to transcend our mortal limitations. To cross through the illusionary veil freely and with total liberty as divine beings having a very finite physical existence. In our own holy spirits we become like god, but we are not God himself. We are the Image and Likeness of God as divine beings made from Heaven as the embodiment of True Love. Anything short of this is a shadow that passes from the truth and into oblivion. Amen. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

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