Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Jewels of Truth Statement: "God's One True Face"

Hello All,

Here we are together already on the half-way point of this first month of the year. Kudos, to my readers in both "Poland and Malaysia" that have spiked my readership numbers for the last couple of months. I appreciate the attention and your readership, truly I do.

Today's entry is on the topic of "God's Face" as the very majestic "Holy Spirit", and the one he shares through his own creations. Which we all have an aspect of him in the very core of our spiritual identity. This "Jewels of Truth" statement is numbered #1633 in the series and was written in late December of last year.

As always do enjoy the content and may it very well stretch your perception of what it means to be a very much alive spiritual entity in God. Amen.



1633) Our God the one true god will only have "One Face"! Not unlike any other living creature that has only one face in composition. However such a magnificent face has an infinite variety of expressions. That portray life in its most various forms. Not all expressions will be recognizable to even the most devout pilgrim as a supplicant to God. This is why you will know the most earnest being by their actions rather than their speech alone. Many will be convinced otherwise and thus become easily fooled by the charisma of a pretender. For every deceived person there are ten more innocent persons awaiting God into their own personal lives. The harvest of souls is ever growing in evangelism that is filled with compassion and humility.

If one religion or philosophy does not speak to your soul. Then move onward looking for benevolence wherever it may be found. Allow the spirits of the ancestors to guide you and not the tricksters amongst humanity. You will know you have found a slice of paradise in faith and understanding. When your humanity is not smothered nor are you treated like cattle. A well traveled soul is more respectable than one whom has denied their own divinity. Albeit all are worthy vessels for the divine to inhabit in sincere measure. Having mindfulness not to harm your brothers or sisters by proclaiming ego based superiority in any form. Be it in your duties or rank by means of service in whatever aspect it may take in practice.

God(dess), is always found in all things simple in nature. All gentle and diminutive forms of life is God at his most sublime akin to a child. Be in awe wherever you find the splendor of mother nature for Father God is wed to her for an eternity. You will find the beloved with his spouse always in the "Holy Spirit" of matrimony. Treat all creatures with reverence as you should be treated with dignity and not with fear. Respect the nature of each entity for all have boundaries as mortals. As souls however we are all boundless through our united "Spirit of God".

God, the one true god of all deities assumes them all as his progeny in Spirit. Watch him smile with love in gladness at his creations forever more. Amen. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

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