Sunday, September 15, 2013

Jewels of Truth Statement: "All For One"

Hello All,

During the close of this momentous week at least here in America. We are always humbled by the needs of the world at large. No matter our place of birth or country of residence we are of this one inter connected species we call humanity. Our combined histories has been at times sordid with conflict. In spite of nation against nation being once mortal enemies. It is our children across the generations that redeem the sins of our ancestors. Allowing for the most part bygones to become nearly forgiven, if not forgotten.

Today's "Jewels of Truth" spiritual wisdom statement is in the series of #1546 on the topic of "Light Workers". It's a term coined by "New Ager's" helping to articulate the good souls that serve those in need. Be it from suffering caused by others, or the pain some inflict on themselves alone. Light Workers, are often the very real embodiment of "Angels of Mercy". In spite of a world seething with conflict many of these "Light Workers" proceed with an unconditional Love. I say, Thank God for them in our world which is fraught with always a great need. Amen.


1546) Those of us whom are practitioners of benevolence otherwise known as "Light Workers" of the Heavens. We who believe if not more so love deeply to the point of a spiritual ecstasy. Have the power or grace of God with the support of all the souls in Heaven. A force for positive and beneficial change like no other in all realities where faith is necessary. As an instrument of worship and yet reflection of our essence practiced in willful deeds. To showcase our substance or worth as a spiritual being.

Magic may be deemed a pagan understanding from the Abrahamic faith traditions. Nonetheless we lack sophisticated jargon to describe the wonders that we as "Light Workers" can accomplish. By pursuing our life long love as a form of sanctified service in life. So I say we are "Divine Magi" not unlike the Magi of Ancient Persia of the "Three Wise Kings" era within Christianity. We have come to pay homage to each other with unconditional love expressed in moderation. Our spells as holy magicians are that of: blessings, boons, good omens, good luck, and ultimately miracles.

We cast forward our faith with our noble love to create things of wondrous beauty based on truth. Our work is that of the Angels for we are Angels come once more into Creation as people. To build, to maintain, to foster harmony directly to all for the "Kingdom of God" is Infinite in scope. We are of "One" Divine Spirit no matter how far flung we are across Infinity when we encounter each other in this one life. This duty is timeless and constant for all dreams are eternal. We are allowed to rest awhile and play to enjoy the wonders God(dess) has wrought through all. Still our roles are always true for the need has always been great no matter what form of life we assume by reincarnation.

As the 3 Musketeers would say; "All for One, and One for All!" Amen. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

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