Saturday, September 21, 2013

Broadcast Industry Concept: "Expansion of Premium Cable & Satellite Television Channels (ie Netflix, Hulu, Pandora)"

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Today's "Gem of Opportunity" concept for would be television broadcasters. Such as Cable or Satellite television will certainly go in this direction sooner or later. Whereby the current line-up of Premium subscriber channels provided to customers as Tv viewers. Such as: HBO (Home Box Office), Cinemax, TMC (The Movie Channel), Showtime, Starz, etc... Have been holding steady for nearly two decades or so here in America as additional subscription costs for the traditional television market nationally. Now with the advent of the mobile and tablet viewers watching movies and television via the Internet. The rise of Internet only premium sites like Hulu or Pandora are gaining popularity. Not to mention Netflix having crushed the Blockbuster chain of video rental stores. Having converted its business to snail (postal) mail and then to digital streaming of content.

Many video game consoles such as the Sony Playstation and Microsoft's Xbox offer subscribers to their Internet gamer portals. The ability to watch Netflix, and Hulu programming from the comfort of their home entertainment systems. If not listen to Pandora music selections. Directly competing to a degree with cable and satellite television providers. Home users could also utilize a Roku device to stream Netflix, Hulu, Pandora similar to the video game consoles onto a home television set.

So my concept is an Evolutionary No-Brainer for Cable and Satellite providers to expand their line up of channels. Which they do twice or more times a year already with non-premium channel selections. However a Premium channel is about time to compete with the traditional players of HBO and Showtime fame. Already Netflix has launched its now award winning original "House of Cards" political drama with lead actor Kevin Spacey. Why not compete head to head with the Premium channels and thus expand their line-up of subscribers?

Perhaps existing subscribers online via the Internet to these three I've mentioned of "NetFlix, Hulu, and Pandora". Could give their loyal paying customers Free Access or a Discount Subscription when launching a Cable or Satellite Tv premium channel.

It's a logical next step where instead of finding all the other ways onto a home television entertainment system. (ie Roku, Video Game Consoles) To now go directly into the cable or satellite provider pipeline of premium subscriber television. Let's see how long it takes them to figure out this next move now that their brand recognition is a household name.

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