Monday, June 03, 2013

Jewels of Truth Statement: "Beyond Time & Space Our Unformed Souls"

Hello All,

Just yesterday I was writing another freshly minted "Jewels of Truth" statement in the series of #1482. As always I write in long hand using notebooks by means of becoming motivated by inspiration. Such an inspiration takes on the form of what some would call psychic automatic writing. If others want to call it taping into your own sub-conscious by pulling yourself out of the equation. Than fine, however the technique of automatic writing I utilize is a collaborative effort with my spirit guides or Angels. Where I stand at the ready to receive sometimes "Word for Word" of what to write not having a clue where I'll end up in such a writing endeavor.

I usually go on such a route where I write and write having to double back to add punctuation and minor corrections. So as to conform to a near semblance of a written structure for you the reader. What I end up with often profusely astounds me as something that is eloquent and sharply to the point.  Since I do not write in chapters, but in concise statements if not shorter proverb like forms. Also very often these statement have a double meaning that they are directed to me personally from my Angels. However in a universal sense also apply to you the reader in the broadest appeal of the words and meaning contained herein.

So last night I was writing about how we all are a macro collective as Life itself by means of the Soul. Or in other words we are the "Kingdom of God" become manifest here on Earth. My Angels by my automatic writing dropped a massive discovery on my lap with a Paradox in expression. As in the contrast of living as a human being versus that of living as a divine being within creation.

May statement #1482 in the "Jewels of Truth" series provoke and expand your notions of the soul as a multidimensional entity in your own minds and hearts. Enjoy.


1482) We are the "Kingdom of God" become manifest and whole before our very eyes. We are more than mammals considering ourselves to being homo sapiens in existence. We are the finely distinct nature of God broken into an infinitesimal amount of creatures within creation itself. Come to be reborn on this side of the veil of the physical universe.

We have come so life may beget more blessed and God centered Life in all that is Holy and beautiful. To grow by finite experiences so we may make mistakes and learn lessons again in eternity. We have come to give love and to be taught how to hate another being. We came as souls to know the difference between good and evil. By hopefully returning to the Divine Light once more since that is what we are beings of light as unformed energy. Just as God(dess) is unformed energy or light in his or her own Image and Likeness. The unformed Divine being does not need time nor space as a constraining dimension. Only mortal carnally oriented human beings need the constraints of time and the limitations of space in order to survive.

We love you once more dear child of God so that you may awaken. To only realize that you are the "Kingdom of God" become self-aware. Amen. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

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