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Gems of Opportunity: Humanitarian Concept: "Veteran Mentors For Kids"

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Just yesterday here in America we celebrated "Memorial Day". It is a holiday where we observe those service military personnel that made the ultimate sacrifice on our behalf. No matter which military engagement they were deployed under be it in a declared war or otherwise in our history.

The reason why I mention such a recent holiday where many Americans cherished their own families with outdoor barbecues, if not attending a "Memorial Day" parade together. Is today's "Gem of Opportunity" concept is to honor those military service personnel that are deployed oversea's. Be they deployed in times of war or periods of relative peace throughout the world. Those men and woman serving on our behalf in the armed forces whereby they make the sacrifice of becoming separated from their families. Especially leaving behind young children yearning to become reunited with their deployed parent that is in the armed services. Rarely does it occur that both parents are deployed serving together in the military with a young dependent child left with their grand parents for instance.

So today's humanitarian concept is titled "Veteran Mentors For Kids" program. That will pair an available mentor of the same service military branch a parent on deployment is currently committed to in an overseas theater of operations. For instance, be it enlisted or officer corp a father in the Army of a young child such as a boy is left wanting for their father to return. A male Army personnel wishing to become a trained mentor would be paired with the young boy as a surrogate male role model. To offer emotional encouragement and understanding of possibly what his father is doing in service. Besides to offer cultural local enrichment to the child be it through athletic or artistic activities. Not too dissimilar what a contemporary "Boys & Girls Club" provides to children of all backgrounds.

The same instance would apply to young girls where a mother is deployed. For example, an Air Force enlisted female tech is deployed overseas. The father not in the military has difficulty in some instances with an unruly young daughter entering her tween years. (10-12 yrs.) So a willing Air Force mentor of the same gender perhaps a woman Captain fills the role of a female role model. So while the mother is deployed overseas the mentor visits at least once a week the young girl in question. For activities befitting a girl of that age group similar to the young boy in the prior example.

Both parents would be given a dossier of the available mentor candidates that correlate to the age group and gender of their child. So both parents, especially before one enters an overseas military deployment. Is engaged and gets to aid in the hand picking of the eligible mentor for their child. All attempts from the available pool of mentor candidates will be made to match them to their own service branch of the military as noted above. If not, a substitution will be made as a recommendation to the parent to either be placed on a waiting list or select a mentor from another branch of the military. For example where a Navy mentor is lacking a Coast Guard mentor may be recommended instead.

All mentors will undergo a civil / military criminal background check and will be drawn from either present military service personnel. Or past honorably discharged veterans of any of the various military branches. If a dual citizen such an American citizen also holding citizenship in another country. That has served in an International Armed Forces capacity is interested in such a mentor program. Their military service record will be verified including civil / military criminal background checks will be conducted. Let's say a Frenchman that served in the French Legionaries as a young man. That is now an older adult veteran holding dual American citizenship. If interested they would be welcomed to enroll as a mentor veteran for a household that is bilingual in English and French.

Mentors interested in participating in the "Veteran Mentors For Kids" program will take a series of workshops. To prepare them for either child needing role models be they well adjusted to a degree or at risk youth. The Mentors will not be thrown in left to fend for themselves. There will be assigned via the program a Case Worker that will monitor the family and the mentor in tandem. Every mentor is required to meet the mentored child at least once a week. Although the parent may allow up to 3 times a week depending on the mentors personal scheduling availability. Every mentor will be given a journal to help them track personal notes and days / times visiting the child. Hopefully, the mentor will meet with a child before they're required weekly check-up with the child's program assigned case worker. The case worker will meet with the child and the parent at least once a month to monitor how the program is aiding the household overall. Including to compare the notes derived from the mentors journal and their own findings for routine check-ups.

Mentors that have children of their own will be preferably matched with children similar in age group to the potential mentored child in the program. However, in such instances, the Mentors spouse will need to undergo a criminal background check of their own. No matter if they aren't directly involved with their spouses mentor responsibilities. At any time the parent of a mentored child is allowed to tag along or chaperon on an outing of their child with a mentor. At least once a year if at all possible especially if the deployed parent is back on return leave as a temporary visit. That both parents of the child and the mentor go out together on a regular outing with the child. To help pair up the psychological support of the child in question to showcase continuity of the parents and mentor role model as getting along aka bonding well together. If a household has 2 or more children of nearly similar age groups and gender they will be assigned to the same mentor. For instance, a male child of age 10 and another teenage boy that is 14 would be directed together to the very same male mentor role model. Preferably to the very same military service branch that the deployed parent is involved with at the time.

Structured activities can be devised with the help of the parent and the case worker. That the mentor can engage with the child to help them in personal self-worth and overall confidence. Activities as noted above, can be local cultural enrichment events. Be it the local fair, museum trip, holiday parade attendance, air show, a boat regatta, concert, sporting event, etc.... Including partaking in athletic activities be it football, baseball, martial arts, fishing, etc... If not other mundane outings such as a lunch at a restaurant or to attend a family picnic from the mentors own family gathering. For those military bases that are much larger perhaps a "Veteran Mentors For Kids" clubhouse can be erected as a local out reach center. For affected service personnel with young dependents with one or both parents deployed overseas. No matter if the mentor candidate pool sources from other military branches outside the emphasis of the local military installation. (ie an Air Force base with mentors of all other service branches visiting and utilizing the clubhouse)

The "Veteran Mentor For Kids" program is to help households of deployed military personnel. With young children dependents to adjust from the vacuum of an overseas parent in the armed forces. To provide household stability to the remaining parent struggling to keep order at home. To help the young to older child cope and to understand the pivotal role the armed forces plays in the child's household. To provide the mentor with the enriching engagement to aid a child in need of a surrogate role model. To provide emotional, mental, social, and even spiritual upliftment to the children enrolled within such a veterans mentoring program. And, finally to alleviate the societal burden on military households with young dependents to help heal the rift of a deployed parent(s) overseas.

Please check out the "Military Child Education Coalition" (Link) if you are in need of support for your own child within a military household. The (MCEC) is not affiliated in any manner with the humanitarian conceptualization I just provided above.

Ivan "Atrayo" Pozo-Illas, has devoted 21 years of his life to the pursuit of clairvoyant automatic writing channeling the Angelic host. Ivan is the author of the spiritual wisdom series of "Jewels of Truth" consisting of 3 volumes published to date. He also channels inspired conceptual designs that are multi-faceted for the next society to come that are solutions based as a form of dharmic service. Numerous examples of his work are available at "Atrayo's Oracle" blog site of 11 years plus online. Your welcome to visit his website "Jewelsoftruth.us" for further information or to contact Atrayo directly.

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