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Video Game Console Concept: Tablets & Laptops as a Video Game System Platform

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The last video game consoles from the big three of Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony arrived sometime around the year 2005. They are already 7 years old with a protracted shelf life due to our global economic Great Recession. Why not go in a simplistic manner that may be slimmer as a consumer friendly computer product offering to gamers. Instead of building a peripheral video game system that attaches alone to an existing home television hook up. Offer instead a video game console system that is based off the existing computer platforms of a Tablet or a Laptop computer?

Steve Jobs, of Apple Inc. computer fame and mentor ushered in the tablet computer device only 2 years ago. It's full retail price point is $499 US for the most recent model. Yet Sony fell flat on its face 6 years ago when it offered the PlayStation 3 at such a price point. For decades the American consumer is only comfortable of buying into a new video game platform at the $299 US offering at retail. Since video game makers consistently lose a bit off the top of selling the game hardware at a loss. Knowing full well that the games be it in disc or cartridge format sell the video game system. However nowadays so does the game download or micro-transaction as well from an existing online network for members.

I'll offer two simple no-brainer concoctions for your purvey this day on a potential next generation video game platform. Nintendo, has already spilled the beans on their next generation system with so-so responses for now.

A) Offer the next generation video game system platform to resemble more a modern laptop or notebook computer. So for instance consider the company Dell that owns the Miami, Florida based "Alienware" line of computer hardware offerings. For example lets say they come out with an Unlocked specifications laptop video game console platform. So according to the budget conscious consumer all the way to the price is no limit gamer. Dell or Alienware will build you a next generation laptop that doubles as an exclusive video game console. Being easily backwards compatible with past PC games since its computer architecture is based off the personal computer. Any number of generic or dedicated game controllers can be selected for such a video game platform. Aside from the keyboard and mouse that is native to all laptop computers. Offering a catalog of game emulators to play yesterdays games with today's laptop hardware. Besides offering exclusive game titles to its own video console members at a cheaper price. Months later such exclusive game titles are offered to other retail customers whom can buy the same game at a higher price point since it'll be played on other game systems.

B) Offer the next generation video game system to resemble more a modern tablet computer. Say for instance that Apple, Samsung, or Amazon would be an ideal company to make such a video game system offering. Recalling that the American consumer doesn't usually budge outside a $299 price point at retail. For a brand spanking new video game console model, whereas the brand new tablet computers sell at $499 US, not a problem.

An exclusive video game console presented as a tablet computer isn't so much of a stretch. Able to play the current crop of freemium game titles, Mac / PC games to a point, etc... If exclusive game titles are tossed into the mix allowing multiple game tablet systems a local adapter hook up for multiplayer game play. Not bad, this is not to say that game controllers unique to such a system can't be devised as well.

Both of the ideas above would have their own Member Online Networks that is partly Cloud based. Just in case a AAA Blockbuster game demands more performance than the local user game hardware can muster. Not a problem let the Cloud handle it on its own end.

Now envision this Cable Tv / Internet providers say I want to get into the video game console business. Say perhaps Comcast or Verizon for instance want in on this side of the games industry. They already offer 24/7/365 entertainment content pipeline streamed to your existing home televisions, VOIP & smart phones, and of course Internet connectivity. It would be a hop skip and jump just to offer a Laptop or Tablet computer to their customers as a stand alone video game console system. Today's Sony Playstation 3 and XBox 360 already offer cable Tv programming via their exclusive member networks. Besides the typical Blu-Ray or HD disc players on this current generation of video game consoles. Why can't a Cable TV / Internet provider do the same since Microsoft and Sony plunged into their pool of customers?

Back on May 25th 2008 I offered another video game console conceptualization. Of an LCD or Plasma televisions having a built-in video game console. Similar as to past VHS / DVD players and now Blu-Ray players attached to the back half of a modern flat screened television display.

LCD & Plasma TV's Doubling as Dedicated Video Game Consoles

Who's to say that the recent Ouya as a droid operating system video game platform. Won't be an equally appeasing consumer hit amongst gamers. However the "Ouya" is for nearly now and my notions are for a tomorrow that could be possible for a mogul with a sense of vision for gamers.

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