Saturday, May 21, 2011

Electronic Industry Concept: "A 2D and 3D View Television Set"

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How many of you remember those VCR (Video Cassette Recorder) and DVD (Digital Video Disc) combo players as the DVD format was first making its debut?

Now consider the recent market launch of the "Nintendo 3DS" portable gaming device. The above question and the "Nintendo 3DS" is what gave me the inspiration to come up with a television that is a bridge device. Between regular two dimensional Tv viewing we've been doing for decades. And a Tv set capable of switching to three dimensions or 3D on the fly by a touch of a remote control. The kicker is no wonky cumbersome 3D glasses are required following the proof of concept that Nintendo has provided with their 3DS portable gaming device.

Here's the link to the official "Nintendo 3DS" website to understand what I mean:

The "Nintendo 3DS" requires no 3D glasses and by the pull of a lever it seamlessly converts to 3D and back to 2D viewing during game play. If a gamer prefers to keep the lever in-between both viewing modes they can without effecting game play whatsoever.

Keeping what I just explained above in mind. Consider a television set like that old VCR / DVD combo player I mentioned at the very top. As one media format (IE the VCR) joined at the hip to the next future iteration of technology such as the DVD format. Here we come full circle with a television capable of displaying both 2D and 3D without those annoying 3D glasses. All by the touch of your remote control. So if your watching regular television, a Blu-Ray disc movie, Pay Per View, or Video On-Demand. You can press your remote control like a maniac switching between 2D and 3D viewing formats if you like.

Those that do their web Internet surfing via the television. Like a "Web Tv" will be one of the first to experience the Net in full 3D interactions. Besides those that have a Home Media Center and connect to "Facebook" or "YouTube" through a capable 2D / 3D Tv set can do so.

Such a mixed mode in viewing dimensions of a television set will act like a societal training wheels electronic device. Prepping us old timers from the last vestiges of analog 2D television into the era of a true 3D television. Like I stated prior this is a Bridge Device where one generation bows out allowing the next one to take over. Of course those that refuse to adopt a stand alone 3D television without those wonky 3D glasses. Can still enjoy all the bells and whistles provided with a modern Tv set that caters to 3D. But all the while still enjoying the old fashioned 2D viewing format.

This type of television set is a no-brainer being indicative what has come before us in electronic technology and what is yet to come. Let's see who of the television manufacturers will come out of the gate first with such a model for consumers world-wide?

By the way I would call such a television set "The View". (No relation to the "Barbara Walters" talk show) Because of its capability to switch between views of 2D and 3D formats.

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