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Channeled / Probability: U.S. Naval Stationary Underwater Tech Harming Sea Life

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I hardly disclose so directly my other intuitive gifts so openly when I receive such material by channeling. Since everything on this blog site for the past 5 years plus is attributed to my claircognizance (knowing facts and details beyond my personal means) and automatic writing ability.

With that notice out of the way. I would like the reader of this entry to at least Consider This Option as a probability that it is occurring.

Before I begin laying down my argument according to the subject title above. That the U.S. Navy has highly secretive classified stationary technology package in unmanned arrays or manned installations in underwater environs. May sound ridiculous to some and to others science fiction on my part. Do note I am not anti- U.S. Military. I have in this blog site over these past 5 years offered military technology as abstract conceptualizations as well.

What I am is pro-sea life that is defenseless against man made military or industrial sonar that is the kind of an acoustic bomb underwater. Be it to detect underwater vehicles or natural resources such as petroleum.

First, back in November 2008 the United States Supreme Court gave the U.S. Navy permission to use sonar technology. To the degree and that they can kill as in collateral damage any marine whales nearby carte blache.

Article link at About.com January 15th 2009:


I quote:
"In a case of national security once again trumping the environment, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled on November 12, 2008 that the U.S. Navy could continue using high-powered sonar as part of its training exercises, possibly at the expense of whales and other marine mammals. This decision was made in a case of the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) versus the Navy regarding the Navy's use of sonar in training exercises in southern California. The sonar is used to detect enemy ships, and the Navy argued that the sonar is needed to effectively train and protect the nation."

The "Natural Resources Defense Council" as cited above in the About.com article. Offered its own article back in October 6th 2008 stating the slaughter of marine life, mainly mammals over the decades. With a 5 minute video link narrated by actor "Pierce Bronson" of former "007 James Bond" fame. About the effects of naval sonar technology and that of "air guns" used for petroleum exploration on behalf of the oil industry.


I quote:
"This is the reality that whales and other marine mammals face because of human-caused noise in the ocean, whether it's the sound of airguns used in oil exploration or subs and ships emitting sonar. Manmade sound waves can drown out the noises that marine mammals rely on for their very survival, causing serious injury and even death."

Now onto the recent events as of 2011 of mass marine life die-offs around the world. As reported at Aquaviews.net on March 11th 2011. A Scuba divers magazine website.


I quote:
"It doesn’t stop there. The mass deaths include thousands of birds falling from the sky, whales stranded on beaches, dead fish blanketing rivers and the ocean, crabs, penguins and even livestock. There are so many incidents that the mass animal deaths are now even being mapped on Google maps, so you can keep track of what is being called “Aflockalypse”."

So ruling out natural causes of predatory, disease, natural life cycles of marine life. Man made pollution that can trap and suffocate sea life such as plastics. Or man made run off into the ocean from coastal areas which depletes oxygen for marine life. Including any Naval sonar training exercises or military usage by maritime ships. Or that of the petroleum industry be it on vessels or oil rig platforms.

There is this other newer Option or Probability to consider such as stationary underwater Naval technological sonar equipment. Be it in a fixed unmanned array acting as a underwater listening post near coastlines. If not a manned underwater installation of some sort of configuration deploying sonar sweeps. Be it an underwater berthing station for submarines, or some other observation post for whatever aims in an submerged environment.

Since the 1960's scientists have been utilizing Underwater Habitats for research purposes. Even NASA has used such underwater habitats to train astronauts in vacuum sealed hostile environment.

Here is a list of past, present, and future (Atlantica Expedition, launching around July 2012) underwater habitats for both leisure (Jules Undersea Lodge in Key Largo, Florida) or science research.


Now if scientists can pull off smaller scale underwater habitats as a proof of concept implementation. Why couldn't the United States Navy with a yearly multi-billion dollar budget pull it off on a more sophisticated scale?

They can and most likely have already, but like all out of sight military technology and/or installations, "they are out of sight and out of mind". I don't blame the military for such a concealment doctrine since it keeps them alive and operating hopefully for our defense.

However the U.S. Navy be it near submerged coastal regions or out in deep sea environs have deployed stationary equipment or installations. That are interrupting the natural life cycles of marine life leading to mysterious mass deaths. At least mysterious to conservationists or environmentalists that have noted none of the usual indicators to cause such a bizarre die off of marine life.

Something else to consider.

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