Thursday, November 25, 2010

A Heaven Beyond "Space And Time" As A Dimension

Hello All,

First, all of those here in the States I would like to wish you a "Happy Thanksgiving" holiday. May good company and delicious meals be served by family and friends alike.

Now just yesterday I finished writing "Jewels of Truth" statement #1088 which will be part of Volume 3. Where every Jewels of Truth volume consists of 365 statements slash proverbs. So subsequently this is part of the tail end of Volume 3 just days away from being completed at least in content. I'm still compiling Volume 2 at a snails pace however.

This statement #1088 inspired by the technique of automatic writing explains something of grand importance at least to those of faith and to meta-physicians. That the realm of "Heaven" is not in a specific place or occupies any sort of dimensional sovereign space. It is a realm or a reality beyond "Space & Time" completely and Statement #1088 explains it to a relative degree.



1088) We as humanity envision creation through the prism of "Time and Space". This is all well and good, except for the fact the realities of the Spirit realms are not governed by these principles. Picture a realm without any places to occupy. What comes to mind is nothing at all, but that is incomplete in conjecture. There is a something there and that ethereal substance or essence is a limitless energy field. A catalyst force that gave shape and meaning to the physical realities. Not as a parent, but as an extension of itself from the power of all souls on a macro scale. In which you so appropriately call "God(dess)" as a Divine entity.

Angels in spirit have no bodies per say and no height or width. Because Heaven is not occupied in a place. Its a field or realm of pure holy catalyst energy. Spirits have no scope of size to them because there is no space in the ethereal realms. What they do have is a sheer force or a magnitude of energetic authority due to the indwelling "Spirit of God". This is the distinction from the ethereal to the physical realities.

In terms of a ghost that is sighted with a given corporeal form as a person of sorts. That is just a psychic impression from the memory of that particular soul. Projecting its appearance into what was akin to a form of nostalgia. Not a mirage, but a memory given shape and an outlined psychic residue projected outward.

There is a Hope for science to grasp such a distinctive view of creation. If it is to grapple with its role in the great beyond, not just in "Outer Space", but within the realms of "Inner Space" that binds all realities as One. Amen. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

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