Monday, November 29, 2010

Controversial Concept: Italian Corruption In The Garbage Industry

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I first learned about the plight of the Italian citizenry of corrupt mafia driven garbage industry. When a few years ago the island of Sicily succumbed to the crisis. However since the mid 1990's or so the lovely city of Naples has the same dismal legacy of corruption with its garbage industry. Due to the Mafia or as they are known around the Campania region of Italy. As the "Camorra" a criminal syndicate like any other with historical ties to the country.

My controversial concept is only a partial drop in the bucket solution which is a form of Poetic Justice all its own. Basically it is two pronged one in classifying the "Camarro" or Mafia organizations throughout Italy as "Enemies of the State". Akin to an illegal militia, what this could do is make it the Italian military's problem. Similar as to how Mexico is dealing with its own decades long corruption along its northern border with the U.S..

The second prong of my proposal is seizing the villa estates of known Camarro Don leaders. If not corrupted Italian government officials and seize a portion of their assets and estates. Whereby the aforementioned villa estates that are out in the country side away from large density residential populations. Be Rezoned into Garbage Dumping Grounds this is the poetic justice to be served filthy and diseased to these villains of the State.

The villas can be seized under a national police or military raid. Since local police can not be trusted due to potential corruption with the local mafia groups. During seizure all property in furnishings, especially antiques and/or any vehicles become property of the State to be liquidated. In order to fund properly the enterprise of the garbage industry of converting this recently seized villa into a garbage dumping ground.

There have been reports since 2004 in Naples Italy of riots from citizens. Because of an incinerator being built that will affect the health of the local population. Other riots from citizens by placing a converted plot of land near a residential and agriculture vicinity into a garbage dumping ground. Where entire garbage trucks were set ablaze in protest. Needing police escorts for said garbage trucks in order to conduct their business.

The Italian government is in over its head with its current counter measures against corrupt Mafia and government officials. New bold initiatives to protect the citizens from these illegal predators of the State are required. My concept is but one that could be considered before more lives are endangered from riots to an environmental catastrophe.


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