Thursday, October 28, 2010

Philanthropic Concept: Adopt A Scout Troop Program

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This proposed concept is more up the alley of the various Scout Troops across America. Be they: Cub, Brownie, Boy, Girl, and Explorer Scout programs by Troop affiliation or up to a "Boys & Girls Club" outfit in a locality. Where we often see when driving our cars a municipality may have road signage of a "Adopt A Road Program". Well this is where my inspiration came in the form of Patron(s) through a local "Community Foundation" setting can set up a Trust Fund to support local area "Scout Troops". If a local Community Foundation is lacking in any given city than a foundation can be created. Where several patrons can pool together their resources to support such an initiative.

An executor or Trustee that oversees the expenditures from the "Scout Troop Fund" with collected receipts from the Troop staff. Can support a Troop by making sure that camping or other needed equipment is procured, well maintained, and in proper storage. Providing fuel vouchers to Scout Troop staffers that provide their own vehicles in transporting Scouts during an event. If not a chartered transport vehicle can be utilized when needed. For Scouts that qualify based on need to provide assistance in procuring New Uniforms and other Scout member incidentals.

Such a Scout Troop philanthropic fund can also expose the Scouts to local and regional cultural activities beyond that of a camping trip. Such as a local or regional area: Museums, Theater Plays, Musical Concerts, Sporting Events, etc... Patron(s) with a guest can also be invited to tag along such cultural events with a Scout Troop. To see how their donations are making a difference in the lives of the youth. Would be Patron(s) would be solicited by a local "Community Foundation" program if not some other local fund raising "Adopt A Scout Troop Program" area events.

This concept would go a long way to ensure that our youth have stable role models in the various Scout programs already in place across America. Including that such Troops are properly funded and maintained with dedicated staff members.

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