Thursday, June 10, 2010

Game Industry Commentary: Will DLC Spell The End For The Modder Community?

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This question popped into my head will a game publishers exclusive DLC, be it paid or free with the purchase of a particular game title. Force an unhealthy competition between the modder community of say "Bad Company 2" a FPS title from Electronic Arts (EA)?

Right now gamers of the PC platform are waiting with baited breathe for each new DLC map pack. Never mind that EA / DICE is only releasing new game modes to the recent map packs of 2 & 3. This technically would cause friction in terms of effort and eyeballs with the modder community. To the remarks of EA / DICE that they won't release a mod editor to "Bad Company 2" (BC2). Because they are still learning and getting a handle on the game engine called "Frostbite" .

Is this subterfuge on the part of EA / DICE where all new content will only come from them in the form of DLC? (Downloadable Content) Or is this a stretch on my part where I'm just merely mistakened?

I was just using Electronic Arts as the most recent example of this potentially new trend. Where a game publishers DLC will clash with independent modders for just the love of the game. Yes, mod editor tools have extended the shelf life of many FPS multiplayer game titles. Besides RPG's like "Never Winter Nights" series to name one in that genre. But, now that DLC is coming into its own it will also extend the shelf life of a game for a game publisher. However it will generate additional income similar to micro-transactions for MMO F2P business model of games.

No doubt EA is the vanguard pushing hard on DLC for games like: Bad Company 2, Mass Effect 2, and Dragon Origins. Will EA through Bioware seek to insert the twin to DLC as in micro transactions in SW:TOR?

Time will tell especially as the game beta period gets closer.

How would modders feel to FPS or RPG games that DLC would rub them out of the picture?

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