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Militarized Satellite Concept: Futuristic Military & Spy Orbital Platform Satellites

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While flipping through an older notebook of my hobby of writing down potential concepts. I came upon this one originally written back on June 13Th 2008. This one is of a futuristic feature set of potential military grade orbital satellite capabilities.

(*Please note some of these notions may be despicable to fathom. So this is your notice if you wish to look away on what I'm about to elaborate in summary details only.)

Although these ideas may be decades away due to the fact the U.S. Military. Still seems to be "Hit or Miss" (pun intended) in figuring out how to fully deploy the so called "Star Wars" satellite defense shield program.

1) Using Laser Technology: by being able to ease drop on any verbal conversation. (be it indoors or outside) Similar to the present day hand held spy gear. Where an emitted laser and a hand held mini satellite dish array is used to stealth listen onto private conversations. The implications of a orbital spy satellite being able to ease drop on any conversation on Planet Earth is enormous. Where placing a hidden microphone (bug) will be a thing of the late 20Th Century to early 21St century.

Conversations will be sorted as individual channels of communication. Being transposed from an individual and cycled upwards to groups of more than one person. Eventually if FISA court restrictions still exist in such a future in America. Approvals will be sought out in order to instigate a "laser taping" of a private conversation.

2) Seeing What is Not There: By that i mean, using the unknown around a given space or location to extrapolate what is actually there in that space.

This can be used by scanning "dark spaces" where a deconstructed image is reconstructed in lieu of a typical place holder Image. Akin to reverse engineering something that is being kept hidden or jammed for all intents and purposes.

3) Scanning To The Ninth Degree: Where by the image of a face is not able to be focused upon and captured. Thus the overall "Outline Image" is traced of a person or location. Where upon automatic analysis of the measurements of a person or location is given. Be it: weight, voice analysis, shoe print, posture, etc...

If facial recognition is not possible due to a partially covered face. Than the retinal image of a person will be scanned and cataloged. (Even from a still picture) Where the retinas will be used to locate a defined recognition of the said person(s). Wearing sunglasses will be useless in attempting to block such a visual scan of your retina from such a futuristic spy satellite.

4) Being Able To See Through Solid Matter: This may be possible already, but who knows?

By solid matter, I mean through building walls. Through layers of solid ground into sealed bunkers or other secret installations from prying public eyes. Besides into any sub-aquatic installations if such a thing exists today or in the future.

5) Scanning Physiological Vitals: Being able to capture the rhythmic heart beat from a person or other vital health based statistics of a person(s). (Be it: Blood pressure, etc...) That can be used to track a special forces team out on assignment. Or used as an area wide sonic sensor to track any unwanted hostiles entering a restricted area.

6) Micro Wave And/Or Sonic Beam Assassination: This one ties into the feature listed above in #5. Where a persons health status is tracked and similar to the fire control officer firing a warhead missile. A micro beam is deployed thus frying a persons internal organs in a short burst. Or rupturing a person's inner ear drum so severely that the person will be no more. So precise that if your holding hands with a friend they won't even notice the sadistic misdeed by satellite. Especially if the micro wave (or sonic) beam is able to turn your mobile cellular device against you. Be it as an amplifier for the micro beam or as a localized miniature bomb.

7) EMP Beam Weapon: Similar to the feature above in #6 but designed to fry via an EMP (electro magnetic pulse) burst to take down a vehicle. Be it a aircraft in mid air where it will glide down to its own demise. Or expanded to an entire Naval ship where all electronics and sensors will be offline permanently. (aka dead in the water) Or picture a convey of vehicles being struck with a radius EMP burst. All engines fail, thus an ambush on the ground can be accomplished. Same goes for armored units such as tanks, where present day shielding methods may be obsolete in the mid to late 21st century.

Of course the EMP Beam Weapon can be designed to only subdue electronics on a temporary basis. Without a permanent destruction, akin to a modern day "Black Out" of the electrical grid. However in this case instead of turning off the local utility switching station in your area. The satellite merely blocks and suppresses all EMP signals from operating as intended. That is until the time duration is elapsed as desired.

8) Scanning The Battlefield: This is more or less possible with the military "Intranet" of today. But in the future you will see enemy units and not just your own in a hostile region. Where enemy forces will be categorized by type and even recognized by their own proper names. Yes, you heard me the enemy individual trooper similar to a VIP terrorist out in a skirmish. So an order to capture or a priority order to kill the hostile may be given. With this battlefield scanning technology with feature #3 listed above. Will be detected, and if pre-existing database profiles are available. The strength or weaknesses of said individual troop members can be exploited.

That's the sometimes awful and amazing futuristic military & spy orbital platform satellite technology that I can envision today.

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