Saturday, October 24, 2009

Humanitarian Concept: "Civic Charity Convention"

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This proposed concept is similar to a business trade show that is usually held once a year. For those in a like minded endeavor of commerce be it by sector of industry. However the "CC" convention or the "Civic Charity Convention" idea is a traveling convention across U.S. major cities, if not beyond. (akin to a traveling show)

Now what is a "Civic Charity Convention" you ask?

Well it is a convention for "Federal / State / Local municipalities" social services. Including that of private (not for profit / non-profit) social service organizations, besides other worthy private charities / foundations on a myriad of other topics. (IE animal welfare, environment, etc...)

Having all these organizations under one roof as a traveling convention. Will allow inter-agency and charity groups to interface in the capacities of: coordinating services, network amongst themselves, fund raisers, educate via public awareness, hold workshops, have guest lectures, and finally recruit and maintain existing volunteer groups.

Examples of the governmental social services can be: Americorps, HUD (Housing Urban Development), Food Stamps, Social Security Agency, etc... Private charities can be either Faith based or of a secular nature, anywhere from a local food bank to local foundations. Be it a "Community Foundation" to inviting local philanthropists to attend.

A organizational body will need to be formed as a not for profit entity. In order to offer such a traveling "Civic Charity Convention" in coordinating participates down to logistical operations.

Overall a "Civic Charity Convention" can only be a "God send" to a regional area. In regards to raising awareness to the greater public at large besides aiding those target groups. All the while performing in a civic and charitable manner to the local community that showcase such a convention.

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