Sunday, August 23, 2009

Vehicular Antenna Concept: Vehicular Hull (Chassis) Pattern Antenna

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Recently just watching an episode of "NOVA" on the PBS TV channel titled "Hunting The Hidden Dimension". It was on the mathematical branch of "Fractal Geometry" and its discovery and its current applications. Particularly related to this concept entry on how an Astronomy Professor then student utilized the first fractal geometric antenna. Where in today's applications our cell phones utilize a chip set of a miniature fractal antenna array. So instead of our cell phones having 10 antenna's poking out of them. They use a computer chip that functions as a miniature fractal geometric antenna array.

My concept expands on such a cellular phone idea and inverts it into a macro antenna. Instead of a computer chip in miniature form within a cell phone as the fractal antenna. The antenna array of a future vehicle or naval vessel will have an exterior layered fractal geometric pattern onto it's chassis or hull. That will double as a decentralized antenna communication array package. Instead of a fixed point centralized "Conning Tower" on a military naval vessel be it a ship or submarine. Where if it's knocked out by storm or combat damage, good luck in repairing it out in the field.

In this case if a military naval vessel has a VHPA (Vehicular Hull Pattern Antenna) layered on its exterior ships hull. If any one or multiple points of the hull takes damage be it natural or man made. The remaining operable VHPA fractal pattern communication array can be reconfigured out in the field. Similar to why the "Internet" was created by DARPA. (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) Which was during the Cold War if the "Soviet Union" attacked and we had a decentralized communications hub in America. We could survive a nuclear Holocaust and remain a viable force during its aftermath. With a "Vehicular Hull Pattern Antenna" it makes a centralized communications hub on a sea going vessel or a land ground vehicle redundant and decentralized. Thus enabling a continued exchange of data, video, & voice communications package out in the field during natural or man made incidents.

Ground Vehicles, Naval Vessels, Aerial Craft, and potentially astronautical space craft can benefit from a VHPA on board system. The applications are near limitless that can include public transit systems to defense applications on unmanned droned vehicles.

Something to consider I say.

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