Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Prediction: Health Care Costs In America As Next Economic Bubble To Pop

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In this blog site I've done less than a handful of Predictions through the years. One looming mega-trend I can forecast is that the rising health care costs in the good old USA. Will be one of the next recessions or economic bubbles our country will face with near certainty. I draw my conclusion since our current infamous "Great Recession" brought about foreclosures in Real Estate. Where the market out priced itself including the secondary slap of loose credit lending practices. I foresee that the titans of "Big Pharma" & the "Insurance Industry" are milking the American Consumer until that delicious last drop.

Since now our nations prosperous GDP (Gross Domestic Product) has 13%-16% dedicated solely to Health Care costs. Taking note nearly 1/3 of Americans around 47 million as uninsured and another 25-60 million as under insured. In a nation of around 320 million plus citizens, and this is taking into account the illegal immigrant population as a undocumented labor force.

So that leaves about two thirds (2/3) of American citizens who are blessed (or cursed at inflated prices) to afford medical / dental insurance policies. The rest are in the lurch so to speak.

Allow me to make a statement that is shocking and probably insane in our current society. If the US Federal Government were to adopt a "Universal" health policy since we're the only laggard in the West. It can pay for it in near perpetuity, not in today's hyper-inflated health care prices. But in tomorrow's sustainable negotiated health care prices where a modest profit can still be made! The profits being made now are the equal greed to what brought us into this "Great Recession"!

Our lawmakers in either Federal or State congress know this but they are beholden more to the industry than to the American People. If there was ever a silent coup d'etat led by capitalists in America, this is it.

So wait until the common people become savvy to this disgrace. And when they do it will be too late since the economic bubble would've popped right in our collectives faces.

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