Friday, July 24, 2009

Food Storage Concept: Food Plastic Roll Bags (Vents Air)

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Doing a quick cursory search via Google for a food storage plastic bag that vents excess air manually by rolling the bag. I've found nothing, but I did locate was a Ziploc Hand Pump manual freezer bag. Besides a Reynolds vacuum bag for the freezer and for regular refrigerator usage.

My evolutionary idea is only a matter of time give or take a couple of years. (That's if a patent hasn't already been filed for one) Before it is utilized for the food storage industry which it is already being utilized for storing clothing. That being either the famous "Space Bag" or "Pack Mate" brands sell a travelers plastic storage bag for clothing. That a user merely rolls the bag to remove excess air from within. For a slim and economical storage for packing whilst traveling.

While Ziploc or Reynolds nickel and dimes consumers with a vacuum seal bags. Expect one of the national food storage brands to trump them at the market with a roll-bag that manually vents air. No contraption necessary to use a simple "Roll Bag" similar to using a kitchen roller pin. Where either the plastic storage bag has a flap at the bottom that forces air out and not in. Or a similar suction hole that with manually rolling the plastic storage bag. Will force the air out via such a vent and thus extend the shelf life of the stored food.

Only time will tell who beats who to market with such a simple and gradual evolution for food storage.

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