Saturday, May 23, 2009

Entertainment Media Concept: Plotline Perspectives

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This concept I would rather credit to Mr. Clint Eastwood when he directed 2 versions of the same film. Being that of the WWII Pacific battle of "Iwo Jima". One being from the allied American perspective and the other from the Japanese Empire point of view.

My suggestion is to take this concept and give a twist for a popular entertainment IP (Intellectual Property) franchise. Popular entertainment IP suggestions could be: Star Trek, Lord of The Rings, Harry Potter, DC Comics, Marvel Entertainment, or in my example below Star Wars.

The "Perspectives Treatment" is not limited to such blockbuster hit films at the box office. It can span other forms of entertainment mediums, such as: print (magazine or novels), music, Internet (videos or websites), etc...

Let's take for example a popular hit film like "Star Wars" the original Episode 4 that started it all for director "George Lucas". Using the "Perspectives Treatment" Episode 4 would be redone using the main and sub-plot lines of an array of secondary "heroes & villains". From the bias of the Galactic Empire in psychology and motivations in the story telling process. Offering additional content from the same time line of Episode 4 of the Star Wars Universe. Where the story is told from the view of the Galactic Empire as being justified if not righteous in its own presumption of their own actions.

Basically re-writing the Star Wars tale from the view of the Empire. In future renditions of the "Perspective Treatment" the bias can be from the "Rebels" or from the "Civilian Populace". All the while following the main story plot line but adding secondary in-depth sub-plot lines. With an entire additional cast of "Heros & Villains" so as to give the IP brand additional legs in its story telling.

That is in a nutshell what the "Perspectives Treatment" is all about.

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