Saturday, May 23, 2009

Atrayo's Personal Creativity In Terms Of Abstract Solutions

Hello All,

Within this blog site of mine since 2005 I have been sharing my hobby of creative solutions. That often double as potential business opportunities for the inclined. Or technological directions for the brave of heart that wish to pursue them with the means to pull it off.

The original solutions I have shared here at least in my awareness of them being new and unique. Is only a sampling of what I have recorded in my notebooks over the years as a personal hobby. So for those readers who think "wow" what has been shared on this humble blog site is interesting. This has only been a peek or a crack opening of the treasure chest I have been gifted with in life thus far.

I try to share those novel and unique solutions here that will have the most impact on society at large. I hope one day this hobby of mine becomes a career outlet instead. Perhaps with a firm like "Accenture" or the like in the future, who knows?

Thank you for those who have taken a keen interest in my blog site.

It's appreciated.

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