Sunday, August 10, 2008

Gamer Revenue Concept: Game Based Workshops

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This concept may well be suited for the more enterprising hardcore gamer and especially for those who run a Gamer Internet Cafe or a Game Software retail business location outlet.

By taking the joy of electronic gaming be it PC, video game console, or portable gaming device. Where those that need aid or are seeking an overall level of enjoyment of a particular game title. Can enroll in a "Gamer Workshop" be it at a Internet Cafe or via an online course offering by an enterprising individual.

The game workshop can be as simple as teaching from a game "strategy guide" that usually sell for $19.95 US. So if the instructor can obtain a volume discount on purchased game strategy guides. To be resold to his / her own students in the workshop at retail prices that adds additional income to the workshop provider. If the workshop is to be held online the game workshop provider can arrange for an affiliation program sign-up (where available). With the game strategy guide publisher via a banner link thus making a commission on referred sales. So the student attendee can obtain a PDF or paperback version of the strategy guide during an online game workshop.

For those game workshop instructors that are subscribers to an MMO game title or any other player of a specific game title. Can teach additional nuance techniques that may not be found in a game strategy guide. Be it the general fair of gamer culture to those who are new comers or casual gamers to this hobby past time.

Those that choose to teach an online "Game Workshop" can obtain a TeamSpeak or Ventrillo chat server. Besides any additional portal website they may utilize, be it a forum community site or otherwise.

For the very spend thrifty who are on a shoe string budget and can not obtain a volume discount on a game strategy guide. Can elect to create their own version of a self-authored strategy guide to teach to their students. Especially if they have self-published the game strategy guide themselves as a new found author. Where they can resell there strategy guides directly to their students making additional income on the side.

The costs associated with a "Game Workshop" are at the discretion of the provider. Be it attendance fee's down to being a reseller of the retail game titles themselves. Such as those who run a gamer software business outlet, franchised or otherwise small business owner. (IE Electronic Boutique or Game Stop) This does not preclude a game software retail outlet partnering with a local gamer Internet cafe outlet to hold such workshop events, be it as a sponsored activity or otherwise.

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