Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Coastal Beach Concept: Anti-Beach Erosion Counter Measure

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I've lived in Florida practically my entire lifetime be it in South Florida and now in South West Florida. Each hurricane season after tropical storms or full blown hurricanes unfortunately make landfall. Coastal communities in Florida that depend on tourism need to replenish they're local beach tourist hot spots.

Here in Sarasota Florida that usually means hiring an expensive dredging barge outfit. To dredge sand from near local island keys to replenish lost eroded sand from Siesta Key or elsewhere.

I would like to offer an alternative abstract solution to this costly dilemma by suggesting a "Beach Skirt". A "Beach Skirt" is a tough fabric like material that acts like a sleeve across the shoreline of a particular tourist beach region.

The "Beach Skirt" can be deployed manually with the aid of a vehicle or via a deployment station on either end of the beach shoreline. The beach skirt can be anchored into place beneath the waterline and other buried hooks in the sand. That when deployed in a sweeping fashion without the need of any over head cables. Will horizontally sweep across the beach shoreline of a tourist beach before an anticipated tropical disturbance.

Thus when "Storm Surge" occurs there will be an avoidance of significant beach shoreline erosion. After the danger of a tropical disturbance passes from the region the "Beach Skirt" is merely retracted into storage.

This is the general concept in how to safeguard a coastal regions tourist beach locales.

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