Sunday, December 02, 2007

Society Concept: Homeless Community Campus

Hello All,

Our super power nation is slipping from grace when 97 million of our citizens are either in poverty or labeled as the working poor. Even to date among US military bases, at least the larger ones have "Food Banks" for enlisted personnel families. Yes, enlisted personnel in the US military are also considered the "working poor". Particularly those with a larger family and sometimes holding non-commissioned officer status.

Now back to the point aside from my small rant above on the working poor of the US military.

Picture a public college or University campus but instead of classrooms. Being reconfigured to house and treat the local or regional (usually tri-county) homeless populations. Having social services all in a centralized community campus location. Not so much treated as a segregated prison facility but a community campus onto itself.

With an auditorium, a hospital / clinic, vocational institute, GED services, Chapel, etc... All treating various classifications of those considered homeless, be it: veterans, mentally ill, elderly, physical disabilities, children & mothers, runaway children, etc...

The "Homeless Community Campus" can have the typical multi-bed facilities that places like the "Salvation Army" utilize. But also there can be numerous efficiency units for those with dependents who need a minuscule amount of privacy and dignity.

The "Homeless Community Campus" can be considered a place of rehabilitation back to a productive citizens of our nation. Besides those who are considered as "Chronics" who aren't willing to help themselves but can be cultivated as human beings in some other dignified outlet.

If America the bastion of Liberty and Freedom can't willfully care for the least amongst us. Than we have no business for much longer of being a superpower of anything.

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