Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Game Concept: Enhancments To Avoid Sorry & Lose A Turn Results

Hello All,

How many of you have played online those free Java based games that offer real cash and prizes? Be they from an "Instant Win" sweepstakes promotion or online sites like:,, or elsewhere.

Well my game concept enhancement is to completely get rid of those: Sorry, Lose A Turn, or Try Again game play results. Where a great marketing slogan can be:

"Making Every Spin A Winner!"

Besides the very typical virtual reward payouts of tokens or free spins to such Java based games. To offer additional variants to those two cited above to enhance game play. And thus completely avoiding the annoying use of those: Sorry, Lose A Turn, Try Again game play responses.

Here are five examples to get one started:

1) Automatic Spins: Where instead of the free spins where one manually has to use a free spin with a left mouse click. The "automatic spin" variant will do the free spins on behalf of the player, completely hands free.

2) Multiplier Payouts: Where instead of receiving X,Y,Z amount of free tokens during a spin. A multiplier amount by a certain number of free tokens is rewarded, much like on a slot machine. IE 3x 500 Tokens is paid out when one lands on such a spot.

3) Free Entry Tickets: Meaning free prize raffle tickets without fussing with any token payout conversions. Where most game sites offer a token reward that can be converted to a number of prize entry tickets.

4) Cash Jackpot Spin: Most of these game sites offer some sort of cash jackpot that continues to grow via a ticker depicting the growing cash value. For such a spin game model there can be a tie-in cash jackpot free spin offered. That will accrue on the side until one plays that cash jackpot game later on.

5) Free Scratches: Many of these free or paid membership game sites offer a scratch game that offers cash or real prizes of various sorts. So when one plays a spin game model "Free Scratches" can be rewarded much like the "Cash Jackpot Spin" variant choice.

These alternative virtual variant game play choices will enhance the spin game models. Where the default: Sorry, Lose A Turn, Try Again choices can become increasingly invalid offerings during game play.

Truly, "Making Every Spin A Winner!"

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