Sunday, March 25, 2007

Distress Singaling Concept: GPS Text Relay System (TARS)

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Recently in the news certain western pacific States here in the US. Have been considering to make it mandatory that mountain climbers wear distress SOS beacons. Which often snow skiers or mountain climbers can often rent from certain ski resorts or outfitter shops.

My concept combines a text messaging system with a GPS enabled SOS beacon transponder. So in case of a hazard emergency for a skier or a mountaineer climber ensues. A hand cord pin can be pulled from the beacon transponder enabling a GPS alert SOS signal. However my conceptual device would add a "qwerty" keyboard to the transponder. Where simple text messages can be relayed Ala a SMS device. Or if typing is impossible due to the wearing of winter gloves. This transponder device can come with a touchscreen LCD screen in a flip top cover. Where a symbolic language of icons will denote certain modes of distress. Be it a: physical injury, which creates a sub-menu of icons of a: broken bone, frostbite, respiratory, etc...

So when the Air Force or Air Natural Guard is dispatched to a rescue site in poor weather or what not. This GPS SOS beacon transponder with an enabled "Text Relay System" (TARS) can direct EMT's or field medics to what injury conditions to expect. Much like how an ambulance driver relays to the hospital room ER whats the condition of the emergency patient.

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