Sunday, February 04, 2007

Movies Presentation Concept: Movies Theaters Streamed Online

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To date box office movie sales in the US are slumping with DVD sales and cable television pay per view and video on demand taking it's revenue share. Apple itself has debuted a Mac / PC Media hardware platform that allows video content to be streamed to a home Tv set calling it "Apple Tv". There is also the rental DVD market to be included like the Blockbuster and Netflix arch rivals duking it out to the top of the pack leader.

My concept is for bricks and mortar movie theater franchises to expand to the online arena. Not by downloaded movie's to a home computer or PC media center. But to be streamed via a proprietary media player that mimics a movie theater presentation in it's border frames and control console. Already Netflix has decided to host downloaded movies to it's customers, much like other companies like Cinema Now.

So if a movie theater chain like: Lowes, AMC, General Cinema, amongst others decides to showcase on their websites a streamed movie theater experience. That will undoubtedly increase their revenue streams outside from what they can only showcase in their bricks & mortar franchise locations. Much like the Blockbuster company trying to compete with Netflix in a recent advertising campaign. Showing the incentive of mailing DVD rentals to their customers whom they can drop off and rent more movies from their franchise locations.

Such is the case with movie theater companies opening a new front to online audiences in hosting streamed movie showcases. There of course can be cross-promotions to receiving discounts or other marketing pushes to buy the DVD version at a later point. If not merchandising of movie poster and other apparel and memorabilia sales with an e-commerce site by the movie chain's website.

This seems like a very novel expansion and logical next step for movie theater goers from the comfort of their home PC.

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