Monday, February 19, 2007

Game Design Concept: Npc Mob To Player Level Scaling

Hello All,

For those of you reading this blog entry I am an avid online gamer. Whom enjoys the past time of the MMO (massively multiplayer online) game genre. With all that stated I'll share and combine my other hobby of novel and visionary design aspects for creative solutions.

Currently in a MMORPG (role playing game) there are various stages of npc (non player character) entities that are driven by the game's AI (artificial intelligence). Where typically the npc mob (monster enemy creatures) are in various sets of level of difficulties in contrast to a themed arena of activity. When a player reaches this arena that is themed as a landmark pavilion of sorts. Often times the players level of achievement is often too low or too high in order to interact with said npc mob. This is why in the beginning stages of a player character development. The game designers create a series of themed landmark encounters that consist of a stylized chain of progression.

My idea is to scale the level of npc mob difficulty in conjunction to a player achievement level. So if a player starting themed area has a level one rat enemy npc mob encounter. It is often placed there for a similar player level range of 1-4 to be interacted with in a combat mode. Now taking my idea into consideration where for example a player of a superior level encounters this formerly level one rat. The npc mob scales itself to the range of player achievement level so as to increase re playability for a player in this formerly benign themed landmark.

So lets say a level 50 player wouldn't encounter a level 1 rat npc mob. But a rat npc mob of around a range of 47-50 difficulty level in contrast dynamically to the player level.

This will make former themed landmark game play arena's renewed in activity. For a player subscriber to a MMO game title. Hopefully extending the shelf life of the game's usage albeit adding increased difficulty. By removing tedious and boring area's that were formerly conquered already in game play.

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