Monday, November 13, 2006

Storage Concept: Closets With Walled Drawers

Hello Everyone,

This concept is mostly for home builders if not for some commercial locations. Since space is at a premium always when it comes to real estate. What if in allocating additional closet space one adds sets of drawers to the wall(s) of a closet location.

Say for a residential "walk-in closet" that most are practically large enough to fit an austere bathroom within. Having one side wall with a roll-out drawer chest embedded in that location. Will yield additional closet space for what is usually empty space within a walled off section of a home. (lest any inside electrical wiring)

An added special feature could be an electric powered drawer chest. Where instead of manually opening up a walled drawer set. One can push a button on a individual drawer for it to slide out and in.

In a commercial location this can be handy for office supplies. Or for storing additional inventory depending on its size in a larger sized depositing drawer system.

For creative architects this is another option for your clients who value additional storage locales within a property. This is a no-brainer idea who's time has come.

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