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Part 2: Amusement Park Concept: Project Name "Epic Dream Parks"

Hello Everyone,

Last year in my September 2005 entry on this blog site I provided a "Part 1" submission on what I envision as the next generation amusement park model. What originally was intended to be updated in weeks turned out to over a years time.

September 2005 Entry Link:

Now without a further adieu here's additional ramblings of this MMORPG / FPS (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game & First Person Shooter) amusement park of tomorrow.

Entertainment Complexes:

Bringing in disparate entertainment business models all under one roof for a seamless game park experience. For example reworking the conventional arcade parlor outlets, besides adding "Laser Tag" type arenas for a real life FPS experience in the park system.

The Arcade Parlors would be interconnected like a franchise where all of the arcade kiosks are on the same network. Be they arcade parlors within the park system or down the street from the local neighborhood major mall locale. Those off-site arcade franchise sites would be considered to the online at home gamers playing the MMORPG / FPS via the internet. As a real life themed way station or outpost in the frontier of the online game world system that the park system will also utilize simultaneously. So those in the park system will intermingle in game play with those at home playing on their online game account. Including those visiting the arcade parlor kiosks sorta like an Internet Cafe just for gamers.

For the "Laser Tag" arenas which would be less messy than a paintball arena model. All park patrons or those Laser Tag arenas that are also franchises that are off-site from the park system. Will have armbands signally which side of the fictional game world conflict they are in at the time. So to differentiate players within their own side there will be a ranking system similar to what Electronic Arts as a game developer for FPS games in their Battlefield 2 series. Taking it a step further those in the laser tag park arenas or those in the off-site franchise locations. Will be able to buy a generic "Arm Band" ala a velcro seal where they can signify their in-game world rank and merit awards. So if a player in said ranking system unlocks the rank of sergeant. They can purchase via a online e-commerce account or at the Laser Tag arena gift shop. Velcro like badges much like those in the US Military wear on their shoulders. So a player will gain access to be able to purchase their sergeant badge for their armband. Besides any other sideline medals and awards gained during the life of the account holder for that particular game avatar.

So if during FPS real life game play in the "Laser Tag" arena. They get fragged (killed fictionally in-game) the game system will grant the opposing player points that they knocked off a sergeant in the laser tag arena. The point system will contribute greatly to the merit based ranking system for the players of the park system, online game, and arcade parlor participates.

Event Coordinators

In typically "Pen & Paper" role playing games there is often a referee that acts as a "Dungeon Master" (DM). Taking such a role to the amusement park system of tomorrow. There would be DM's that would coordinate events for the park patrons, online gamers, and the arcade parlor customers. There will also be two tiers of event coordinator staff. The first tier is the entry level staff members that are DM's in training. That would impersonate NPC's (non player characters) in the game world that would typically be enemy combatants to the players / customers. So a tier 1 event coodinator would level up a certain mob (creature) that interacts with the park patrons, online gamers, and those of the arcade network. The creatures could be benign quest givers or adversal in gameplay combat. The Tier 1 staff during the course of their employment have the chance to game alongside the customers. Where if they max out an entry level mob they graduate to the next mob in order to level them out and so forth until they reach the full rank of a Dungeon Master. For example a Tier 1 events coorindator starts off in a new comer (newbie) zone pretending to be a werewolf gaming against the customers. Eventually this tier 1 staff member reaches the next order of creature to inhabit which will be in another zone of the game world. Lets say a sailor npc giving quests to the park customers, online gamers, and arcade participates. So this Tier 1 staff member would need to mature through the event coordinator system as if in a circuit of roles until they graduate as a full blown "Dungeon Master".

The Dungeon Master Tier 2 event coordinator staff members are like the manager level. They coordinate various tier 1 staff members who are their underlings. They're secondary role is to offer high level or high profile events to the park patrons, online gamers, and arcade customers. Be it a raid on a settlement with a horde of NPC's and some Tier 1 staff intermingled. Such a settlement could be a off-site franchise arcade parlor locale that is considered a frontier location in the game world. Thus increasing the business revenue of said franchise arcade location in a special event. Same can be said with a "Laser Tag" arena within the park system or a franchise location located off-site.

In Closing for this entry on the "Epic Dream Park" system of amusement parks of tomorrow. That introduces several parallel entertainment business models into a seamless complex hub for gamers. Will continue to evolve the existing models of the arcade parlors and online games that cater to the MMO demographic. Besides reining in the laser tag arena's into the over arching lore and game play stories generated by the customers themselves. Thus creating entertaining memories to be cherished for many years to come. Be it with the family at large or your new extended family of fellow hobby enthusiats.

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