Sunday, April 09, 2006

Food Item Menu Concept: Chicken Fast Food Restaurants Having Corn Dogs & Hot Dogs

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Right now many fast food restaurants specializing in chicken variety as menu items are always looking for more added appeal for their customers. What if a chain of fast food restaurants perhaps like: KFC or Popeyes began offering chicken menu items such as: corn dogs and hot dogs.

In the US south it is customary that hot dogs get garnished with "cole slaw" as an added topping. KFC has a very tasty cole slaw offering as is and a chicken hot dog goes right along with their menu. Especially for a "Kids Menu" item this has further appeal since it isn't as messy as eating fried chicken. The batter of the corn for the corn dog can have one of KFC's specially offered spices as an added incentive.

These two menu items are a very value added additions to any fast food chain of chicken only menu item restaurants.

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