Sunday, April 30, 2006

Energy Renewal Concept: Dried Out Sewage To Be Used As Fuel

Hello All,

This concept may leave you with the suspicion that I slipped and smacked my head and lost my senses. But before you come to such a judgment allow me to explain this in a summary statement.

In third world countries including in rural China they dry out the livestock fecal matter to be used as a substitute of log burning. Which means they do not need to cut down their forests that puts them at jeopardy of an eventual flood. Haiti a couple of years ago in a Hurricane lost like 10,000 souls due to wiping out their forests for cooking fuel. The torrent floods that the down pouring of that hurricane drowned or buried them deeply in mud.

Manure can be processed to be dried out and used as a furnace fuel instead of using wood or coal. Municipal sewage plants instead of processing the sewage and than flushing it into the sea or local waterways. Which still is poisoning those aquatic eco-systems that will not be sustainable for many decades to come.

Be it sewage generated by people or livestock this rich in nutrients discharge. Can be harnessed and used as a "Green" source of renewal energy. Much like many present day municipal land fills are creating methane for local city usage.

This is a win / win solution without doing any further damage to the environment. Be it from wood or coal burning, including discharging additional sewage waste into our waterways.

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  1. I think this is a grand idea, and one used already efficiently, to put it in mass production would be good. And we have loads to do it. hehe Couldn't help myself.


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