Thursday, September 08, 2005

Screensaver Product Concept: Looping Video

Hi All,

My product concept for screensavers here isn't that "fish tank" animation that loops constantly. It is an application tool for a screensaver yet to come (I'm no coder) that allows video to run in loops. Note this concept is for retail purposes as another type of gimmick to enhance the sales of screensaver bundled software. Of course knowing the culture of the Net someone can do this for free distribution.

So for instance what type of video looping is right for this screensaver? Well how about rolling waves on a sunny tropical beach, perhaps include the sounds of the waves. Or for those with families take out a clip of a home movie with the kids and wife. Or for gamers to create a video loop of a blooper in-game of guildmates. LOL For movie fans to create a screensaver loop where Darth Vader constantly says he's "Your Father". :o)

Get the idea, I have yet to see something of this nature for retail sales.

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