Friday, September 30, 2005

Amusement Park Concept: Project Name "Epic Dream Parks"

Hello All,

What I'm about to share in abstract form is a great love of mine that as an individual I can not ever fathom to give life by myself. So I share this ambitious concept with anyone or corporation willingly to run wild with this bold plan with cajones. This spark of an idea was given to my by God's Holy Spirit like a lightening bolt of an "Ah Ha" idea. That was four or so years ago which I have added additional details to so as to expound on this concept. I even plugged it in a couple of forum sites, one notably at the IGDA (International Game Developers Association) a couple of years back.

What this concept is what Walt Disney is to MMORPG's is to an MMO Theme Amusement Park. (MMO stands for Massively Multiplayer Online Games) The code name of this concept is "Epic Dream Parks" (EDP), since there has been nothing like it before in reality.

Where not too much unlike a MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) via the internet. There would be a MMORPG as an themed amusement park. Of course the EDP model can be takened to the "Resort" level like in the late 1970's movie with Yul Brenner "West World". (Which I hear in the Hollywood grapevine there is a remake in the works). If a resort or amusement park setting is too much for a proof of concept model. Than as a shopping mall pavilion like in something of "Mall of the Americas" in Minnesota for example.

If I were the project designer which I lack serious real world creditals for to begin with. But I can see the vision as if it were alive and clarity is a strength. I would first launch a MMORPG online and allow it to stabilize, if not take an existing online game world like "EverQuest 2" for an example. Then build a phase 1 themed bricks & mortar amusement park of the EverQuest brand.

How the park patrons / customers would interact with the parks gameplay is via a wrist band PDA set up. The park would have as needed cellular towers for the closed network of wireless interconnectivity.

Now picture something like a super arcade crossed between a EPCOT pavilion they have in Orlando as a themed showcase site. Let's say that a small complex of pavilion buildings would be Qeynos ala the good city of Everquest lore. Inside these buildings would be play zones where the walls have either large LCD screens or that thin film screens that would layer the walls. Coursing through these displays would be the identical game world that home online users would experience via game play.

Other sections of this Qeynos pavilion would be the crafting and trade markets. Where via kiosks players can craft virtual wares for the trade market etc... There would be gift shops, restaurants from the fast food to gourmet variety just like EPCOT.

The kicker is what is considered now as the gamer underground secondary black market of trading virtual game items and accounts. In this EDP showcase it would be considered common. Much like how SOE (Sony Online Entertainment) has embraced their "Station Exchange" of such item and accounts auction site.

Park patrons can purchase game currency before entering the park that has an exchange rate to the US dollar. (much like Second Life or Project Entropia MMO's) Or if the park patrons have home online EverQuest 2 accounts can continue using their avatars in the EDP model.

There can be clothing gift shops where park patrons can purchase or rent period EverQuest clothing as a costume for their park enjoyment. Besides the EDP model would have a conference center of their own to host their yearly festivals of the online game itself. Which the larger MMORPG's host each year at various locations mostly in the West Coast of the USA.

That is just a short birds eye view of what I can envision for this "Epic Dream Park" system. In the later weeks to come I'll share more specific amendments to this suggested project.

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