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Gems of Opportunity: Environmental Product Concept: "The Shit Brick"!

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It's been a couple of months since I last did an entry of "Gems of Opportunity" as an angelic channeled inspired conceptual designs as commercial solutions for society at large. These take far more effort from me in channeling and doing cursory research online to back them up when and if I share them here at "Atrayo's Oracle" blog site.

Now onto this whimsical inspired conceptual design which may appear tongue in cheek. But it has very serious beneficial environmental quality standards for societies collectively. The Shit Brick concept is nothing new because manure as a building and fuel source has been around for tens of thousands of years. Even being cited in the Bible although in modernity it is often relegated to 3rd world nations. Gardeners and farmers globally benefit directly from composted manure as fertilizers to provide nutrient rich excreta for top soil to grow flowers, shrubs, tree's, and even crops.

My concept for today on offer is to market it as a novelty product until it takes hold and I don't mean by your bowels. Which may sound oxymoronic by intent since its environmental implications are of a very serious beneficial nature in origin. However, since consumers are going to laugh at this absurd notion one might as well as take the bull by the horns and laugh with them.

The Shit Brick is meant to upset the charcoal briquette market that to save trees isn't just for the forests in the Amazon basin in South America. It also means saving tree's on an industrial scale from being converted into charcoal to end up in our barbecues going literally up in smoke as carbon emissions. Marketers of the Shit Brick can draw the analogy of burning a manure brick is like using natural gas (pun intended) versus burning charcoal like using petroleum oil. Yes, I admit the analogy is unfair and disingenuous to a large part but it drives the point home.

In regards to the sourcing of the manure on a business scale, it can be located through partnerships with dairy farms, ranches of livestock, and even municipal human waste facilities. I would easily presume before even the first shipment of source material there would be permits and operator license requirements from local, state, and federal commissions on behalf of public health and safety that need to be lined up initially.

The Shit Brick environmental cook out concept as a fuel source can most likely find an export market to India. Since they revere the holy bovine goddess of Kamadhenu (a.k.a. Surabhi) anything produced from a cow is kosher to them. This should be no exception since even cow manure and urine ends up in Indian products across the sub-continent from soaps, medicinals, and misc. products.

Whether a small business or some other corporate entity of scale pursues it the processing facility can affectionately be called the "Chocolate Factory". Continuing with the humorous tradition set out above with interacting with customers directly and affiliated stakeholders in the company culture.

The Shit Bricks will come in three distinct product packaging offerings. One as unscented marketed as bold enough for its natural musky scent. The 2nd is perfumed scented variety for the girly man wanting to hold their noses up in the air. And, lastly, the 3rd product variety is scented coated with lighter fluid. That can be marketed to cause angels to fall out of the sky since it reaches the high heavens in burn rate perfumed and all! :op Television, radio, social media, and Internet ad placements can play to the distinct varieties of each product line. A good marketing slogan can be "The Shit Brick now with Odor Protection. You Can't Make this Shit Up!"

A potential cross-branded promotion can occur as a synergy of efforts in terms of the scented odor protection used to coat the Shit Bricks. The suitors can be Febreeze, Lysol, Glade, and Air Wick can be solicited as a partner product line in the fabrication of the shit bricks due to their odor combating abilities. The marketing campaigns can highlight that one of these odor protection and disinfecting products are in each shit brick providing maximized leveraged consumer awareness opportunities.

Going back to after the Shit Bricks are sourced as a commodity from either dairy farms, ranches, or a municipal waste facility. The processing of the solid waste manure at the "Chocolate Factory" that after converted into the brick form on an assembly line. The manure bricks can be sprayed with the aforementioned odor protection cross-promoted product ingredients. (ie Febreeze, Lysol, Glade, or Air Wick) When they are moist and again afterward after they have been baked before being wrapped into the packaging. That is one method another if some sort of government mandate comes into effect where the manure has to be biologically sterilized even partially. The odor protection ingredients could also come in pellet or bead form added to the manure when it's being shaped into brick form. Lastly, the formation of the Shit Bricks can have straw hay added to provide some solid consistency to the shape and function of each brick for consumers.

Besides the common three versions of marketing campaigns playing to the strengths of each as unscented, scented, and scented coated with lighter fluid. Obtaining the proper intellectual property permissions with a movie studio to create a line of commercials featuring cameo roles of the actors from the movie "Dogma" released in 1999. Please take note of one infamous Shit Demon at the bottom center of that movie poster art. Anyone that has since seen the movie nearly 20 years ago will know this as a cult classic taking pot shots at the established Roman-Catholic Christian faith in a festive spirit of goodwill.

My storyboard concept for one such potential commercial includes the famous actress "Salma Hayek" reprising her role as the muse. And, of course, the infamous "Shit Demon" whether the shit demon is computer generated or its an actor in a slimy shit suit. (like in the movie) The commercial begins at a summer cookout at a barbecue cooking hot dogs and burgers using shit bricks as a fuel source. The shit demon is wearing a white chef's hat and a white apron. Cueing "Salma Hayek" spraying the shit demon with an air freshener cannister (ie cross-promoted Febreeze for instance).

Then an off-camera male voice announcer asks a pointed question at the shit demon. Asking how do you shit demon rate the quality of the Shit Bricks on the barbecue? The Shit Demon turns to the camera and flicks off two middle fingers at the announcer. Whereupon "Salma Hayek" interjects that means 2 thumbs up by shit demon standards where Salma highlights it with 2 thumbs up herself. After that, the shit demon nods in agreement and reemphasizes the 2 middle finger birds at the camera announcer. Then the shit demon farts and "Salma Hayek" sprays him again with the Febreeze air freshener cannister waving away the odor as she is grimacing.

That's the gist of the "Dogma" initial commercial inspired to promote the "Shit Brick" as a cookout phenomena for barbecues everywhere. Many other sideline commercials can be created by other cameo role actors from the original film and a subsequent number of other shit demons.

Another publicity marketing campaign event is to sponsor an annual Shit Brick sculpture and subsequent cookout event for attending food vendors. Perhaps at the annual company convention inviting sculpture artists to work in the manure brick material medium. Besides company brass, the news press, food industry specialists, and the general public. Several exhibitions of artist sculptures can show off their fine works which after a winner is selected. Much like Buddhist Mandalas, the sculptures are destroyed but in this case, they are set on fire to slow roast akin to bonfires.

There will be fire safety crews on site if anything does get out of hand and other safety protocols will be utilized besides having an ambulance paramedic crew on standby throughout the event. Nonetheless, the food industry will be invited to entice them to use the shit bricks as an artisan fuel source alternative for a robust natural taste to their foods. (this time no pun intended seriously, lol) Be these restaurant chain owners, bakeries, food trucks, and other assorted food vendors in attendance. All food vendors onsite will be utilizing the shit bricks supplied free of charge by the company to showcase this environmentally friendly green fuel source in action.

Notoriously municipal waste facilities are known for after treating solid waste human or otherwise. It gets vented into our waterway inlets, bays, and estuaries en mass. Each Shit Brick package will highlight how much in metric tons they have produced in shit bricks and subsequently spared from our public trust waterways. Be this sourced from dairy farms, ranchers, and the aforementioned culprit in chief municipal waste facilities.

The "Shit Brick" company can also support an environmental charity advocacy group with proceeds from their profits. Be it with water and land management environmental sources listing on the rear of each package (and on the company website)  how much has been raised and donated overall.

Finally, the Shit Brick although promoted in a silly manner it has very real positive environmental impacts removing sewage from our waterways. (Be it from Livestock or direct Human waste) The fumes generated can be offset as I cited earlier in comparison to burning charcoal. Akin to burning shit bricks is like using natural gas versus charcoal is like using fossil fuels or petroleum. Shit Bricks as manure is less toxic and by a feat of technology could even be utilized to generate electricity. By a specialized fume sequestered reactor much like using coal by a utility power plant facility. Instead of discharging manure back into our environment companies and conscientious citizens can utilize this responsibly for all concerned.

Ivan "Atrayo" Pozo-Illas, has devoted 21 years of his life to the pursuit of clairvoyant automatic writing channeling the Angelic host. Ivan is the author of the spiritual wisdom series of "Jewels of Truth" consisting of 3 volumes published to date. He also channels inspired conceptual designs that are multi-faceted for the next society to come that are solutions based as a form of dharmic service. Numerous examples of his work are available at "Atrayo's Oracle" blog site of 11 years plus online. You're welcome to visit his website "" for further information or to contact Atrayo directly.

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