Thursday, April 20, 2017

Atrayo's Oracle Vlog on Gateways, Love of God, Love, Oracle, Souls, Royalty, & Angels

Today's "Jewels of Truth" angelically channeled spiritual wisdom statements are on the topics of Gateways 2439 (Longhand); Love of God 2412 (Meme), 505B (Assorted); Love 506B (Assorted); Oracle 507B (Assorted); Souls 2409 (Meme), 508B and 509B (Assorted); Royalty 2409 (Meme), 510B (Assorted), and finally on Angels 511B (Assorted). Noting that the topics of Souls and Royalty are both excerpts from the identical overall statement 2,409 as two separate memes. With today's entry offering 11 statements across 7 topics altogether for your reflection spiritually. May you be as enriched in whichever faith tradition you practice as I have in channeling them by all of our angels in heaven.

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