Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Jewels of Truth Series on Hope

Hello All,
Much like I mentioned on the topic of Divinity in continuation of cross posting my angelic clairvoyant writing as spiritual wisdom. These will be a smattering from the assorted series of my social media posts on Facebook and Twitter. I've been channeling the angels by what is called automatic writing for 21 years time as a faith-filled spiritual calling as a psychic-medium. My blog site here at Blogger has a sampling of my main blog site of "Atrayo's Oracle" of 11 years time online. 
May you find the content informative and inspiring, thank you for reading. 

475B) All Hope isn't created equal based beyond desire well into conviction reveals the prowess of such a divine being with faith in God.
474B) The pivotal lifeblood of a sincere Hope must always be united with an active faith in the divine within the world. For to hope one is activating the enlightened grace of God within one's heart and soul. For well-wishers, this leads to an empty state of aimless desire that usually more often than not goes always unfulfilled. To be more one must temper or discipline their hope so it rings true to one's heart of hearts.
Beyond recriminations steps to cultivate one's sacred truth creates a beautiful curvature as an archway towards the bridge of fulfillment in the world. Blessing by blessing the building blocks of authentic hope grow to reveal the majesty of God through the angels in your common midst. To be faithful one needs hope as their vanguard to break new ground for eventual success. Amen.
Ivan "Atrayo" Pozo-Illas, has devoted 21 years of his life to the pursuit of clairvoyant automatic writing channeling the Angelic host. Ivan is the author of the spiritual wisdom series of "Jewels of Truth" consisting of 3 volumes published to date. He also channels inspired conceptual designs that are multi-faceted for the next society to come that are solutions based as a form of dharmic service. Numerous examples of his work are available at "Atrayo's Oracle" blog site of 11 years plus online. Your welcome to visit his website "" for further information or to contact Atrayo directly.

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