Saturday, November 12, 2016

Jewels of Truth Statement 2,363: "All Forms of Grace Is The Manifestation of God's Enlightenment Upon Us"

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I've never heard it put quite like this about today's topic on Grace as "Jewels of Truth" spiritual wisdom statement #2,363. For new readers, I'm an "Angelic Oracle Imagineer" basically via clairvoyant automatic writing I channel the angelic host. Mostly in regards to inclusive compassionate spiritual teachings and inspirational innovative conceptual inventions for society at large.

The Angel whom I channeled from made the connection that the grace of God is his enlightenment upon Creation collectively. Beyond than just a marvelous blessing it becomes the metaphysical presence of the enlightenment of God upon us all. Events and intercessions that occur align with the Will of God through his almighty grace alone. An elegant simplicity that is beyond good, neutrality, and evil itself leaving us all dumbfounded in appreciation. That's the set up to this statement before I dive into topic headlong as a sacred benediction for all whether it's realized or not. Enjoy.


2363) All Grace heralds from the realm of the specialized Enlightenment of God the Most High available to all living creatures reincarnated into the world. A robust marvelous tenacity that restores what would otherwise be left unattended in the scheme of things. For God's beautiful compassion is ultimately absolute that he is mindful of all the variety of mortals to offer us his pristine and perfect essence as a grace to all. Our kindness back to God is to utilize such a living and abiding power for our constant highest good combined.

No one is beyond God's total reach upon the afterlife and certainly upon all manner of Creations as a matrix of realities. We are indebted to God for this Almighty gift available to all who welcome the divine into their respective lives. Everyone benefits when grace becomes realized upon the world. Beyond being just a mere thought construct as an archetypal force for positive change. Grace becomes our godly sublime Soul of God(dess) upon this world or any other upon the cosmos. An energetic bridge from the macro Creator funneled into the micro circumstantial divine presence through our united infinite spirits as his beloved heirs of paradise.

Everytime grace becomes realized and appears upon our worldly reality it allows heavens reach to expand into the world. A constant force for good as the Enlightenment of God realized again and again upon our shared love for God in our worship to him. Not every act of grace as an occurrence will receive much-lauded attention. In some respects, it can appear as a common disguise and easily be taken for granted by people in general. Still, the original wonder remains for all who are Pure of Heart expressing gratitude for such an intercession of graceful blessings encountered.

We are becoming the presence of God realizing itself in a very sublime meta sense through our holy worship with and towards God's absolute love. Irrespective of which faith tradition we practice sincerely as religions and modalities of spirituality. It is all dearly One to our Enlightened God(dess) in a faithful grace. Amen.   ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

Ivan "Atrayo" Pozo-Illas, has devoted 21 years of his life to the pursuit of clairvoyant automatic writing channeling the Angelic host. Ivan is the author of the spiritual wisdom series of "Jewels of Truth" consisting of 3 volumes published to date. He also channels conceptual designs that are multi-faceted for the next society to come that are solutions based as a form of dharmic service. Numerous examples of his work are available at "Atrayo's Oracle" blog site of 11 years plus online. Your welcome to visit his website "" for further information or to contact Atrayo directly. 

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