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Gems of Opportunity Concept: "Future Common Practices of VR (Virtual Reality) Technologies In Society"

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Today's conceptual design is more so an evolution in how the genie of virtual reality has already gladly escaped from the bottle. What I'll espouse may be occurring to some relative minor degrees or may happen in our intermediate future. As the craze of the VR goggles shifts to other technologies such as photography and recorded media. Most likely how these now bulky VR helmets will shrink in hardware size and pack more computing power as the years go by.

For instance many of us have heard of the Green Screen used for introducing special effects (FX) scenes in television, movies, and the Internet. Where actors during rehearsals need to pretend what a fantasy or science-fiction scene looks like or will look like in a Tv show or movie. This is after the artists and digital animators do their thing. Now what if? Say the actors in rehearsals use a VR headset to actually see what the backdrop visuals looks like in a animated 3D fantastic setting. Such an actor's tool may prove invaluable when rehearsing until the final scene is caught on film.

Another green screen application can be how meteorological reports are televised in your local news weather station. The weather (wo)man can use the radar images superimposed onto a green screen for television viewers. That's nothing new, now however both the meteorological weather reports can be seen in VR 3D instead of looking at 2D images. A TV viewer can watch recorded weather reports locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally all in VR 3D. Not unlike today's 3D television sets with those 3D glasses. Here with a VR helm one can look and move within side to side and around in live images versus animated media.

A weather (wo)man can guide Tv viewers into a previously recorded or Live action image of a Tornado in VR (Virtual Reality) 3D. (Eek, talk about Vertigo!) With motion gestures or a remote control viewers can interact with recorded live action media. Continuing with the local news examples let's say the "BBC World News" reports on the Syrian war front with an embedded journalist. Much like voyeurs we piggyback onto the news cycle segment in a VR 3D recorded news story in all its chaos in Syria. Virtual reality interactions with recorded media can drastically change how we consume television, movies, video games, and the Internet in general.

In many ways virtual reality is a bridge technology before we arrive to fully interactive holography. As science fiction has predicted for countless decades already here almost within our virtual touch. (pun intended) :op

Speaking of which 3D cameras and video recorders can augment what's currently offered with digital photography globally. For the past few years now the Nintendo 3DS as a mobile game device. Has in its hardware feature set a capability to record still photographic images in 3D and record 3D videos. Here's a "Link" to the Nintendo 3DS feature set.

Photographers and video camera technicians will record in Virtual Reality 3D versus that old 20th century 2D images. Artists will experience a revival as animators and what not when the VR 3D storm comes into full swing. Poster Art especially of vistas in VR 3D can hang in art galleries and in movie theaters showcasing future attractions.

Although will we all look like nerds with the current 1st generation of VR helmets walking outside? Heck No! First that will get you run over as road kill! A big no, no. Today's bulky VR goggles and ear muff set will eventually go through several design iterations. Something like a swanky set of sunglasses with a thicker eye frame to handle all the gadgetry inside. One bifocal can offer data VR streaming of media whilst the other is for everyday looking outwards into the mundane world. This isn't even mentioning the return of tech driven 21st century Monocles. These first users will behave like they are intoxicated not with alcohol, but with technological interactions. Much like those of us whom have stumbled into a lamp post. Or almost been run over whilst peering into our smartphones making us as tech zombies.

These futuristic tech VR 3D eye glasses could appear perhaps around the 4th or 5th generation of this tech platform. Many of us here in the States have heard of "Transition Lenses" for gradual light shifting sunglasses. Well a futuristic VR 3D eye glass set will rely in part on a similar tinting mechanism. In order to block out natural light and filter in Internet or other VR imagery for the user / wearer. A microphone swivel boon can also be an accessory much like a customer service rep uses today. For any verbal communications within such VR chat rooms or for regular telephony uses.

This takes me to business teleconferencing where instead of a piped in 2D image in a live broadcast set-up by "Cisco" for instance. A virtual reality 3D conference room mock up can be accessed by every participate from anywhere in the world. Where even powerpoint or other computer applications can be run from within such a VR 3D environ for business teleconferencing initiatives.

Not to stop there school children in virtual classrooms will actually be in a full 3D VR classroom. Interacting not just with a teacher but with fellow classmates nationally or maybe even exchange students from abroad. No more boring text school books for VR 3D multimedia will be piped into the lesson plan for students. Having kids experience for the first time historical events provided by animators or other previously recorded historical reenactors. Be it of famous battles (ie Gettysburg, Waterloo, etc...) all to interact with an in depth methodology with ones studies.

Speaking of interactions how about the real CSI's (Criminal Scientific Investigators) recording a crime scene in VR. To later at the lab piece together in 3D virtual reality all pertinent clues to solve a case for police detectives. A new arsenal for forensic investigators will 3D VR go a long way as a new tool set for research purposes.

Not to stop with scientific endeavors researchers be it in microbiology well into telemedicine with actual patients. Can experience something like the science fiction 1966 film of the "Fantastic Voyage". Where scientists are miniaturized inside a patient in order to help treat a brain tumor. In this case it'll be less extraordinary, but still very much captivating in a virtual reality 3D interaction with recorded images. Be it working with a vaccine in a petri dish or using a telescopic image inside a patient for treatment purposes.

Maybe that's too gruesome to Imagine. Well how about going on a virtual trip abroad internationally to enjoy the sights. Tourist traps in Europe or elsewhere in Asia can be all the rage depicted in 3D VR modules. For virtual travelers to enjoy in preparation before they actually embark on such a voyage in person. Travel publishers that sell hand guide books can now offer 3D VR trips for tourists to enjoy while they plan their actual future trip.

This is of course not to mention the smorgasbord of playful goodies for PC and Video Console gamers. That is certainly to come in game play purposes with ladden feature rich game worlds to be solely experienced online in virtual reality. All in wholesome 3D goodness has to offer gamers this is not to mention certain AR (augmented reality) game elements to boot.

As I've covered here this is just the tip of the iceberg of possibilities on how VR (Virtual Reality) 3D will impact our global society to come. Beyond this renewed offering of the VR helms of the likes of "Occulus Rift". Will be a cascading series of technological innovations in viewing interactive media will take us and never let us go. Whether to inspire, shock, or scare us into submission will 3D VR media inform us for better or worse. We are the ones to decide how much of this to personally come to terms in how we visually consume this tech in our lifestyles. That is until holography makes its eventual appearance to repeat this cycle all over again in the world.

Ivan "Atrayo" Pozo-Illas, has devoted 20 years of his life to the pursuit of clairvoyant automatic writing channeling the Angelic host. Ivan, is the author to the spiritual wisdom series of "Jewels of Truth" consisting of 3 volumes published to date. He also channels conceptual designs that are multi-faceted for the next society to come that are solutions based as a form of dharmic service. Numerous examples of his work is available at "Atrayo's Oracle" blog site of 10 years plus online. Your welcome to visit his website "" for further information or to contact "Atrayo" directly. 

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