Tuesday, December 22, 2015

A Reading of "Jewels of Truth: The Journey of the Soul Continues, Volume 3"

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Since the holidays has my blog posting rhythm sort of out of whack. I thought best to post a reading of my most recent book published earlier this year. I've also decided on a programming note to post my podcasts once a month for the time being. Versus twice a month as originally intended. We'll see how December shapes up otherwise expect my blog entries to continue as usual.

Enjoy this trio of spiritual wisdom statements selected randomly via stichomancy.


Those that believe that their outlook on life is supreme or without question are full of folly. Only God(dess) the Creator has this total capacity to have an outlook that is perfect in scope. All other souls will only have the capacity to view a slice at a time of life itself by an authentic means. It will take a person of a true and mature humility to discover this within themselves in earnest.

Otherwise expect hubris and foolishness will warp their sensibility by a selfish misconduct jeopardizing many as a result. In declaring such a personal fact that otherwise is false when compared to the light of truth. Be cautious in associating yourself with persons that are feeble minded. For all they shall reap is hardship for the sake of a vain wanting to be constantly "Right". Follow your own intuition instead allowing your logical mind to sift between your own conclusions within the fullness of time. Understand what a bold faced lie is and what else is in the truth itself, even if it is within the shades of deception. A critical mind is only as good as a critical intuition to separate fact from fiction. Such a genuine outlook will guide you onward with a solid footing in your life filled with both wonders and potential hazards to avoid altogether. Amen. (Pages 218-219) ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.


The Mystery that is God may not always be found in a sacred place of worship. The wonders that become miracles are each blessings and the sublime grandeur of his "Holy Spirit". It is almost always found in the midst of the common and the ordinary splendors of life itself. Those that society has labeled as outcasts or misfits with a benevolent belief system from the conventional norm are gems in disguise. They should not be cast aside for an altered outlook on what is Holy. They may very well be holding onto a kernel of a benediction of truth that you need to add to your own spiritual growth as a soul.

For those life giving souls that have an open mind to experience life differently then how it is customary. Do so to humbly experience the marvelous and the sacred in other foreign manners of worship with God. All may receive the grace of the "Holy Spirit" as a miraculous gift, but only the wise and the faithful are guaranteed an audience with the divine in all its beauty. With a humble mind, heart, and spirit without preconceived notions or conditions on what is blessed and what is not. All else falls under the domain of what God's Angels know what is for our highest good in all blessed concern. Amen.                                                                         (Pages 209-210)   ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.


For those who shed tears of joy will also shed their burdens from within their own hearts and minds by grace. This is but one of a myriad of pathways to inner healing of the soul of a person that seeks peace over turmoil. Often such a grace occurs in pivotal moments of a sublime release that arrives in a serendipitous manner. By gently soothing over a troubled heart replacing sorrow for joy in abundance in everything that you feel.

The waves of unconditional love are felt by wading into the pool of splendor. Those living in accord of their own well being shall experience the beneficence of a life worth living. Surrender yourself to such an innocent rapture of the heart by crying the tears of joy. Do Feel each drop that is released back into the fold of God's blessedness and compassion for you. Allow yourself to peer into one of the many windows of God's mansion in the estate of Paradise once more. Amen.  (Page 157)  ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

Ivan "Atrayo" Pozo-Illas, has devoted 20 years of his life to the pursuit of clairvoyant automatic writing channeling the angelic host. Ivan, is the author to the spiritual wisdom series of "Jewels of Truth" consisting of 3 volumes published to date. He also channels conceptual designs that are multi-faceted for the next society to come that are solutions based as a form of dharmic service. Numerous examples of his work is available at "Atrayo's Oracle" blog site of 10 years plus existence online. Your welcome to visit his website "Jewelsoftruth.us" for further information or to contact "Atrayo" directly. 

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