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Gems of Opportunity: Humanitarian Concept: "Refugee Resettlement Inclusive Plan" (RRIP)

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I've saved this most difficult and controversial European refugee crisis conceptual design for the end of this month of August. Like all things of mostly Europe this proposed solution as an innovation is democratic, socialist, and capitalist in deployment. Right now Europe has been caught flat footed attempting a fragmented approach to a humanitarian crisis of historical proportions. This little Dutch boy scenario of plugging leaks along the fence lines in France at the port city of Calais. And, the emerging fence line in Hungary is a band aid solution at best. Romania, will be the next target for this migratory wave of illegal immigrants after Hungary is cordoned off. 

Taking a macro societal perspective these illegal immigrants fleeing war-torn parts of the Middle East and Africa. Follows an age old process for our human species going back tens of thousands of years ago. Whenever there was war, famine, or natural disasters our biological ancestors picked up their tribes and moved onward. That's what is happening before our very eye's or news cycle on Tv!

Another point of perspective as a mixed blessed again as a macro viewpoint. Remember analysts and scholars alike stating that Europe has a Declining Birth Rate? Well these refugees represent a replacement value on a societal scale of said shortening birth rate in Europe. Particularly a graying senior population of Europeans much like America's with our own illegal immigrants dilemma. Will be serviced by said populations of eventual new citizens to their host nations. Nations like Japan as homogeneous as they are will have to import labor like the U.A.E. (United Arab Emirates) has to date. Although the U.A.E is notorious by looking the other way or responding with a lackluster governmental attitude. By allowing contractors to treat these imported labourers like a slave force. I hope Japan doesn't follow in such a dismal foot steps as by the poor example of nations like the U.A.E.. 

However I've gotten off on a tangent since right now globally there are two historically prevalent large human scale migrations occurring. The one from the Middle East and Africans into Southern Europe and the second one are nations like Myanmar and Bangladesh pouring into: Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and finally Australia. These two migratory exodus are occurring over sea and land with potentially tens of thousands of refugees drowning on rickety boats and ships. The land crossing into Europe may be less treacherous, but nonetheless dangerous because of the untold story of criminal slavers pillaging refugees like livestock! Those that can't pay extortion or for a crossing or are preyed upon by criminal syndicates can easily end up as forced laborers or worse into the sex trade as newly minted slaves! 

Not until these refugee homelands know peace will this ever widening diaspora only increase into Europe and in the Oceanic portions of the globe. So taking this on as a challenge I took a stab using my conceptual designs skills and have come up with this potential solution albeit controversial nonetheless. I also channeled as a clairvoyant in partnership with my Angels to find inspiration for potential inclusive solutions. 

This is what follows for the "Refugee Resettlement Inclusive Plan" (RRIP) to be accomplished under 6 Phases of development. Pictured above is the refugee camp of "Za'atri Camp" in the nation of Jordan filled with Syrian war torn citizens. The European Union (EU) is going to have to swallow the bitter pill of human social engineering. By laying the groundwork for a infrastructure system of bureaucracy to have all 28 member States share in this burden. On an even par so the wealthy nations of Great Britain and Germany aren't shouldering all if not most of this burden. Of this humanitarian refugee crisis of historical proportions being experienced right now.

What I mean is each of the 28 (EU) European Union member States must construct a camp / village like the one above in "Za'atri, Jordan". Having NATO engineers find suitable lands in rural regions in each of the 28 member States. The camps may evolve into eventual villages or cities into the distant future so urban planning will have to be established on a macro scale. 

All Refugees will be required to stay a tenure of 10 years time within their host nation within the EU. This prevents nations like Great Britain and Germany from receiving millions upon millions of unwanted refugees bloating their economies and logistical infrastructure. Also these 28 member States of the European Union can resettle processed refugees to satellite ghost town historical villages. That need new blood as in populations into various neglected regions of their host nations. This will provide alternative locations for refugees to settle throughout each host nation of the EU. 

Phase 1:

All refugees processed into the main camp will be quarantined and vaccinated to avoid any outbreaks of tuberculosis, whooping cough, or any untreated old world virus. Once they are given the bill of health they can step out of quarantine to settle into the main camp for a period of 90 days time. If any refugees need follow-up medical care for pre-existing conditions they'll receive it as well. Including the disabled that may need medical equipment to help them in terms of mobility.

Phase 2:

All refugees outside of quarantine will commence a Security Clearance Check. To determine their identities if they are carrying passports and/or to establish their credentials. Any subsequent alerts in regards to the security check will look for past criminal or jihadist histories. Any false alerts will be screened out and for any infiltrators such as I.S. (Islamic State) insurgents will be taken for penal justice processing by the host nation or NATO.

Phase 3:

After the 90 Day detention at the main host nation refugee resettlement camp. Refugees with now established credentials as to their lawful identities will be screened  for career vocational skills if any. Those that have White Collar Backgrounds or in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) fields will be given priority processing for career resettlement. Priority placement of such a white collar labor pool will be given to European trans-national corporations that may have open vacancies for such a career track. The highly skilled once refugees will be given a contract of service commensurate to their expertise and industry pay scale. Being able to take only their immediate family members with him or her for resettlement anywhere in Europe. Otherwise outside the Host nation if not internationally as the Euro centric trans-national corporation has a job vacancy. The 10 year tenure requirement within a host nation is waived as the corporation takes custody of the once refugee and his / her immediate relatives. 

Phase 4:

For those refugees that lack any sort of white collar career skills as to a vocation. They will be assessed to see if they retain any Blue or Pink (Woman) Collar Skills. If so this classification of refugees and their extended family if any. Will be given resettlement placement into the permanent portion of the camp into an eventual village. Otherwise this is when such refugees can be allowed to relocate to alternate host nation ghost town village regional sites so as to repopulate such locales. Such Blue or Pink collar refugees will be given an annual self-renewing contract of employment. They will draw a salary depending on their expertise and industry of choice if available. If none is available locally during job placement they will have the option to select another village. That is within the host nation that does offer such a trade craft vocation. All refugees will be given career tracks that help service their fellow refugees within the main resettlement camp or elsewhere in regional village locales. 

Phase 5: 

At this phase classification any refugees that lacks any iota of vocational skills. Will be occupied by two required activities which are receiving vocational education into an apprenticeship program of choice if available. The second time sink outlet will be a requirement of enrolling into a Volunteer Corps to help service the refugee local infrastructure complex. This volunteer corps basis will be anywhere from 8 up to 20 hours per week helping fellow refugees resettle. This is aside from the vocational apprenticeship training they will receive overall. Qualified apprentice applicants may be able to pursue internships earning a minimum wage or better depending on the employer.

Children of Refugees:

All minors will be placed into a primary or secondary schools erected at the resettlement main camp. Besides learning their ABC's and 123's they'll be required to learn the language and culture of their host nation. There will be ancillary learning of their homeland language and cultures if offered locally. 

Mothers with newborns and toddlers may be exempt from schooling until their appropriate age is reached. Although daycare options may be available for mothers in helping to care for their own children and their neighbors children. 

Any disabled children and adults will be exempt from schooling and/or trade program apprenticeships if certified by a camp physician. Although disabled adults may still be required to contribute on a part time basis to the volunteer corps as able.

Phase 6:

This is for any refugees that have an entrepreneurial interest for a small local business development. Either within the main resettlement camp or nearby a regional village resettlement locale. These screened refugees will be assessed to see if they have expertise in their chosen entrepreneurial profession. (ie local grocers, restaurant, retail space, barber, beautician, etc...) Will be given a 0% interest seed loan from a local community loan program to revitalize the resettlement camp or once ghost town host nation regional village. 

These budding entrepreneurs will also be required to attend a business incubator to learn the In's and outs of running a small business operation. Even if many have had prior experience this will be a refresher course for the host nation local legalities that are pertinent. Over time as these small local business survive and take off they will be required to source new employees from fellow refugees that are from Phases 4 and 5 classification. 

Military Conscription:

For those refugees that seek to circumvent the 10 year holding period within their host nation. As abled body and of sound mind can enlist within the host nations armed military forces. Having to serve a minimum period of 5 years time with an honorable discharge to gain full (EU) European Union Citizenship. This type of loophole also exists within the United States of America for Immigrants to gain American citizenship. Once such a military 5 year period in duration elapses the former veteran of the host nation and his or her immediate family members will gain (EU) citizenship. Being able to relocate elsewhere in Europe if so desired at such a time.

Wage Garnishment:

Since in this proposed solution the (EU) European Union will cover 75% of the expenses of this "Refugee Resettlement Inclusive Plan" (RRIP) bureaucratic Infrastructure. The Host Nations must pick up 15% to 20% of the remainder of the expenses of this refugee infrastructure complex. However, 25% of Wages will be Garnished of Phases 3 to 6 Employees that remain within their host nation. This is excluding the Volunteer Corps of Phase 5 and vocational apprenticeship students unless they are earning an internship minimum wage or better. The wage garnishment will help fund portions of the host nation refugee infrastructure bureaucratic complex at large.

Refugee (EU) Lottery Commission:

To help fill in the gap between the host nation costs and refugee wage garnishments. There will be a Refugee (EU) European Union Lottery Commission put into place. At one or two Euros per lottery ticket only accessible to the refugee populace and not ordinary EU citizens. The revenue for the proceeds will help offset the cost of this refugee bureaucratic infrastructure complex. 

What the Lottery will offer refugees is this the ability to leap frog to another host nation of their choosing if the winner. Let's say a refugee in Hungary as his host nation wins the lottery. He the refugee can take up to 14 extended family relatives with him to the host nation of his choice, in this case that would be Germany. If the refugee doesn't have that many relatives or if the winner is a lone individual. They can elect to receive a prorated structural settlement financial instrument to be paid over the course of 30 years time. Unless they wish to take the prize monies in a lump sum at a hefty discount and after (EU) and the host nation taxes.

(EU) Anti-Corruption Refugee Bureau:

Many of these host nations will fall prey to temptations of corruption of various sorts. Be it crooked politicians either elected or appointed to political office. Contract bidders that are awarded contracts without a bidding process that is transparent. Various forms of bribes and kickbacks in the form of graft. Interdict Criminal syndicates continuing to prey on the refugees to burgeon a human trafficked slave population. Otherwise locally grown refugees that turn to a life of crime forming new Mafia's and cartels locally. 

This (EU) European Union law enforcement branch will work in conjunction with or without the consent of local host nation law enforcement. Just in case the host nation like in parts of Eastern Europe are corrupt to high heaven themselves. Another role for this law enforcement bureau is to track any jihadists that manage to radicalize local refugee populations. In conjunction with INTERPOL and NATO military Intelligence branches to isolate and kill or capture such insurgents run amok. 

Each of the 28 (EU) member States will have such a Anti-Corruption Refugee Bureau on site. Be it in the capitol city of the host nation or close to the main refugee resettlement camp / village site itself. 

NATO Peacekeepers & International NGO's:

Each of the main refugee resettlement camps into eventual permanent villages and maybe into an eventual city landscape. Will have a deployment of NATO peace keepers to help the host nation military and national police cope with such a population. Until the NATO peacekeeping mission mandate is over they shall be a presence on site to quell any riots and support local national police agencies. 

Also, International NGO's (Non-Governmental Organizations) such as international charities and non-profits will be given access to the refugee population. In order to service their daily needs be it: medical care, to vocational training, children's programs, business incubators, cultural enrichment programs and activities, etc...

Refugee Rights & Responsibilities:

Although many of the refugees had intended to land at their destination of choice. This "Refugee Resettlement Inclusive Plan" will snatch that away at least for a period of 10 years time. (Unless they enroll into a host nation military armed forces for 5 years time instead) Since these are humanitarian refugees from war-torn global regions, if not political persecution and economic savage poverty. They will be required to abide with such a refugee complex otherwise, they can be deported to a neighboring country to their homeland. Besides any criminal offenses that are of a violent nature the refugee could easily end up in the host nation penal justice system as incarcerated. 

For all the rest of the refugee populace can expect a sort of "Bill of Rights" of fair and humane treatment regardless of circumstance of plight. (ie war, political, economic) This will afford them a due process of (EU) law which the host nation judicial system may be under developed to cope in practice. Besides all refugees will have access to: medical care, local transportation, living stipend allowance (ie food & clothing), access to suitable and humane housing, utilities (ie electricity, trash pick-up, sewage disposal, clean drinking water, telephone / Internet, etc..), employment, and certain leisure activities for morale purposes. (ie sports, the arts, higher learning access)

Refugees will have access to Regional / National Banking Financial Services. Be it a checking or savings account and have access to financial literacy education. In order to establish retirement accounts from their long-term employers. A civics education can also be offered so as to establish democratic rule of law values to these refugees that usually know very little from former point of origin tyrannical regimes. 


This is a sweeping and very ambitious holistic plan that again is socialistic and capitalistic in nature. Providing a strategic plan to hopefully end large portions of this refugee humanitarian crisis. Otherwise, if the (EU) European Union continues to drag its heels and stall the crisis will only get worse and not any better. Expecting local (EU) citizen hate crimes to only increase as a form of bigoted retaliation against the very much unwanted refugees. The Neo Nazi's in Germany are going to vent onto these refugees like never before. 

I hope that this conceptual design is at least an eye opener as to the holistic challenges facing the European Union. Much less the nations in the Oceanic part of the globe facing a similar dilemma. Each attempting to address historical burgeoning humanitarian refugee crisis and usually very poorly and haphazardly at that measure. 

Like I stated at the onset these refugees are the Birth Rate Replacement Value Europe Will Need Within This Generation. So consider this a mixed blessing since Europe is receiving such a populace all at once versus on a gradual basis over time. I doubt that the Hague Court in the Netherlands will be called upon for any human rights abuses by (EU) member States. It seems only 3rd world nations in this contemporary era have received the ire of the Hague Convention and the United Nations. 

Speculation of human rights violations aside the time to act is Now and not soonish. This crisis will only widen and deepen until the solution will become unimaginable for a democratic society. I Hope only through growing pains that Europe shows a united front to upend this plight and bring order to this chaos. God Willing. Amen.

Ivan "Atrayo" Pozo-Illas, has devoted 21 years of his life to the pursuit of clairvoyant automatic writing channeling the Angelic host. Ivan is the author of the spiritual wisdom series of "Jewels of Truth" consisting of 3 volumes published to date. He also channels inspired conceptual designs that are multi-faceted for the next society to come that are solutions based as a form of dharmic service. Numerous examples of his work are available at "Atrayo's Oracle" blog site of 11 years plus online. Your welcome to visit his website "" for further information or to contact Atrayo directly.

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